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What is it like to find a school in Bali for your kids? We are ask ProEducation Principal Llana Reece

Moving to Bali with a family is a big decision – but it can also be an incredible choice to create a lifestyle aligned with your values and what is important to you. One thing you don’t have to sacrifice is the quality of education for your children. You might be wondering what kind of schooling options are available in Bali and how it all works, so  we sat down with Llana Reece, the principal of ProEducation school to get all the answers you need. 

As a firm believer that every child deserves a quality education which equips them for future success, Llana founded ProEducation over a decade ago to create an inclusive educational environment for children with different needs and abilities. Today, ProEducation has an excellent reputation for its innovative individualised approach to education supported by an internationally accredited curriculum.

What do children need to excel in today’s world?

First and foremost, children need a supportive environment. They need a safe place where they feel comfortable and are encouraged to take risks. ProEducation provides just that. 

Students have flexible spaces where they can learn how to best discover their learning style. Our teachers use an inquiry-based approach, which encourages the students to take an active role in their education by exploring, asking questions, and sharing ideas. Our main purpose is to create an exciting learning journey that will ignite children’s passion for learning and help them discover their strengths, beliefs and values. 

ProEducation is also proud to offer a broad range of onsite services and specialists, including Speech and Language Therapists, Occupational Therapists, counsellors, and more. We are committed to providing an unparalleled level of support for our students to help them reach their full potential. At ProEducation, every child is valued for who they are and given all the means to succeed, regardless of their abilities.

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What makes Bali a unique place for children with special needs?

Bali can provide respite care for families who have children with special needs. There are incredible and affordable opportunities for increased support in the home, allowing families to spend more time with their child, attend to their work commitments or simply allow for a more spacious, slower paced schedule. Bali is a community that is open-hearted and accepts all people, making it a place where people of all types and abilities are welcomed and accepted.


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How does ProEducation address children’s needs?

Upon enrolment, new students complete a 2-day trial and fill out the enrolment form. From this process, our Special Needs Co-ordinator assesses the right class for the child to enter. We take the child’s history and previous school reports into account, listen to everything their parents want to share, and carefully observe them over the 2-day trial in order to place each child in the perfect class environment for them. 

We are dedicated to giving every child the support they need to succeed, including a highly-targeted educational framework for primary and secondary students with special needs and learning differences, called the Towards Independence program. It is designed to help children develop life skills and complete accredited courses at a pace that suits their specific needs.

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How do you incorporate Balinese teachers and culture into children’s education?

In our curriculum, students study 3 hours of Indonesian language and culture a week, which applies to all classes offered at ProEducation. Students also take part in themed cultural days throughout the year, such as the Nyepi celebrations in order to directly experience Balinese history and culture. Balinese teachers also bring their unique perspectives and experiences to the classroom, making the learning experience all the more enriching.

How do you help parents and children make the transition to Bali?

Moving to Bali can be daunting, but ProEducation is here to help. We link parents with Our Year in Bali (OYIB) which assists families relocating to Bali. OYIB helps people make the transition to Bali by supporting them with housing, transport, logistics, local knowledge and more. We understand that moving to a new place can be overwhelming, but we are here to make the process as smooth as possible for you and your family.

In conclusion, Bali attracts families from all around the world who want to create a different lifestyle while maintaining the highest standard of education and support for their children. ProEducation school offers a particularly safe and inclusive educational environment that caters to the needs and abilities of all students, regardless of their backgrounds. Additionally, Bali’s unique culture and community provide a welcoming and accepting environment for children with special needs. With the support of ProEducation and Our Year in Bali, parents can make a smooth transition to Bali and provide their children with an enriching and fulfilling educational experience.

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