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“My husband and I decided to relocate to Bali from the United States when our daughter was just three months old. We are so grateful we found Our Year In Bali to help us prepare for the transition – especially with a newborn! Chatting with Simone helped us understand the characteristics of regions across the island, what we might expect from living arrangements, childcare and schooling options for our daughter, and her documents guided us about all sorts of Balinese customs and norms.
Through her amazing contacts we were able to easily arrange our visas, learn about real estate, and line up drivers and babysitters for when we arrived.
Plus thanks to her trustworthy contacts we were able to discover our dream home and couldnt be happier!”

Jordan and JonathanUSA

“We found this to be a thoroughly excellent service. The daunting prospect of organising removals, shipping, visas, education, banking, health insurance etc – was simplified and incredibly efficient. We had a clear direction after one call with Simone and all of the respective options were laid out and in direct contact with us. We got the silver package which included living cost estimates, medical and emergency contacts, tutors, real estate contacts – and on it goes. Thanks very much!”

Wright familyHong Kong

“We first had a 30-minute free zoom meeting with Simone and afterwards we decided to buy her Silver package which we can highly recommend to other people planning to move to Bali. Simone’s information package is very well structured and up to date. In addition, it would have taken us months to gain the same insights.

With Simone’s information, we felt very safe and well prepared and we even found a suitable villa for our family of 4 people thanks to Simone’s suggested contacts! It is so worth the money. Many thanks to Simone’s support and quick replies. When we finally arrived in Bali, we even got a chance to meet Simone which was really lovely!”


“I found Simone and Our Year In Bali while doing some self research that I was finding difficult and stressful. Simone’s passion and enthusiasm were evident in the call and the package allowed me to have all the information I needed organized and easily accessible. She also provided some invaluable connections that I couldn’t have made on my own. It took a lot of the stress out of what’s going to be an exciting next chapter for my dog and I.”


“Simone and her team were very helpful to me as an expat traveling to the other side of the world. I felt supported, had access to great information, and felt like I was guided to make the decision that was best for me and my family. Thank you Simone!”


“Simone has been an absolutely invaluable resource throughout our move to Bali. From our pre-move, online conversation with her, to welcoming us once we were on the ground, we have never felt like we were on our own during our move.
Having moved from country to country many times over the years, we are so grateful to have had Simone’s resources, experience and support on our side from the start. This has included her advice and resources regarding shipping, moving pets, banking, finding housing, finding domestic help, hiring transportation, and even helpful tips with basic local language! If you have children needing a school, I know she’s well versed in the different options in that area as well.

Her guidebook is still very much our “Go To” whenever we have a question about our new home. We are extremely glad we have that at our fingertips. Quite often, a quick WhatsApp message will be the way to go, and she’s always extremely responsive, which we truly value as well.
I think our final thought on Simone’s contribution to our seamless move to Bali would have to be robust and sincere, “Thank you, Simone, and thank you, Our Year in Bali!”

PerryHong Kong

“Thank you so much for your service and these wonderful documents in the Bronze package packed full with information, that it’s just not possible to get by Googling!

I’ve been reading over the living guide for the past few weeks in preparation for our extended 3-month stay in Bali and now feel so much more knowledgeable and prepared.”


“Having made a fairly fast, crazy decision along the lines of ‘let’s move to Bali’ earlier this year, I came across Simone’s website during my initial research phase. Fast forward a couple of weeks I was second guessing about whether I should use a service like this but honestly, it’s a no brainer to do so!

Yes, you might be able to figure some of the info out yourself from Google (but it would take you years to get the same amount of info through your own research) but Our Year in Bali is an absolute must if you are, well, moving to Bali!

You literally get given ALL of the information that you need (and more!) and Simone is so lovely to deal with and is also extremely helpful with everything. I highly recommend this service and having made the decision and made the move, I still refer to her info pack and contacts list on a daily basis.”


“Simone’s resources have become central to planning our family move to Bali. We printed and spiral bound her main booklet, which offers more than 80 pages of valuable info, exciting ideas, and insightful personal anecdotes. Every conversation we now have about our plans includes a sentence that starts with “Did you see Simone says…”! The detail she offers has made us even more excited about making our move and, of course, feel more prepared.”

Annelli and DylanMelbourne

“My husband and I made the decision to move to Bali with our two young children quite in the spur of the moment – less than two weeks before our departure. In the rush, we found the information on Simone’s website to be invaluable – especially in relation to childcare options. It was enormously reassuring to be guided towards the best childcare for our son and had him enrolled less than a week after arriving.”

Emily and ChrisAustralia

“I recently had the pleasure of working with Simone at Our Year in Bali, and I cannot recommend their consulting service enough for anyone considering a move to Bali. Simone’s personal knowledge and experience of living in Bali with her own family were truly exceptional.
We opted for the silver package, which included a comprehensive range of resources and guides. The Practical Living guide alone was jam-packed with valuable information and served as an excellent starting point for our journey. The School and Education guide, Essential Checklists and Planning guide, Bahasa Language Guide, Cost of Living guide, and Recommendations and Contacts Directory were all included, providing us with a wealth of valuable information.

I can’t emphasize enough how much time and money these resources saved us. Having everything we needed in one place was like having access to a treasure trove of invaluable information. It made our transition to Bali smooth and seamless.
Simone took the time to understand our needs and provided tailored guidance and recommendations.
If you are considering a move to Bali or simply want to learn more about the process, I highly recommend Our Year in Bali’s consulting service. Simone’s expertise and the comprehensive resources provided will undoubtedly make your journey more efficient and enjoyable.
Thank you once again, Simone, for your outstanding service. We are immensely grateful for all your time, support, and expertise.”

AlexHong Kong

“I reached out to Simone for assistance as my family and I were considering relocating to Bali. I cannot speak highly enough of the service she provided us. During our initial Zoom call, we delved into all aspects of life in Bali, from schools to accommodation to healthcare and more. I was most impressed with her extensive knowledge on what’s important for a family to consider when relocating.

Despite there being so many aspects to consider, Simone was able to break everything down and guide us through the process step by step. Her guide book is an excellent resource for gaining a thorough understanding of life in Bali.

I also opted for her Silver package, and was immediately impressed with the contacts she provided us with for schools, properties, and health insurance, among other things.

Simone is highly responsive, extremely knowledgeable, and has built great relationships with a range of useful contacts. If you’re thinking about relocating to Bali, I strongly recommend reaching out to Simone for assistance. She has truly been invaluable to us during this process.”

Harsha and familySpain

“I was very glad to have found Simone when my husband and I first started thinking about moving to Bali. We had searched the internet on how we could do this and found SO MANY websites and pages telling us what to do and everyone had conflicting advice and then when I was at my wits end and about to call it all off I found Simone!

After one conversation with her I saw the light at the end of the road. She listened to exactly what I wanted, she introduced me to the right people, she’s kind and caring and our journey would not be possible if I hadn’t found Simone.

Our original plan was to retire in Bali and then after discussions with Simone we found out that we can have a business and work whilst living in Bali. A win win for us – the perfect home/work/life balance. We have had some anxiety about moving but Simone has been there every step of the way. Our journey is now set and we will be moving to Bali in January 2024.
I can’t thank Simone enough for showing us the way forward”.”

Sharon and BradAustralia

“I purchased Simones bronze package months ago, and I have now almost finished it!

The amount of detail and information in the pack is simply amazing. So helpful, so thorough and so well thought through.

Everything has been considered and there are parts that I wouldn’t have even thought of needing to study or research.

I’m so grateful I came across Simone, we travel in 1 month and I actually feel prepared and organised thanks to everything she has covered in her bronze package.

Thank you again Simone. Absolute golden information!”

KylaSouth Africa

“The Bronze package and information are amazing and so helpful. There were a lot of things covered that would never have even crossed my mind. Lots of food for thought and now to make my way through it more thoroughly a second time and get myself a little personal budget to see when we will make our way over to Bali.”


“After our initial 30 minute chat with Simone, we you knew straight away that she would be able to help us with her extensive knowledge of all things Bali.

We decided to opt for the Silver package and we found the contact introductions and cost of living spreadsheet especially helpful.

We move to Bali from the UK soon and from all the information Simone has provided us we have been able to find a home, a school for our children and also a trusted nanny which we feel confident in. Simone and all her invaluable information she has provided us have eased so much stress during the move and we would be lost without her.

We could not recommend Simone and the services she offers more! Once again, thanks so much Simone.”

Emily, Jason, Ivy and NovaUK

“Simone’s support and resources have been invaluable in helping us move here from Canada. We’ve referred to the package at least 15 times since being here and being able to ask questions has been comforting as we get settled in. The amount of hours saved plus the peace of mind makes it all very worth it.”


“During our move from Singapore to Bali, Simone’s info and support has been invaluable. She was always at hand to give excellent advice; tailored to our needs with up to date info . The information sheets were super useful, especially the housing and packing lists.

Most invaluable is her up to date contacts list. She has also always been kind, proactive and extremely professional. I would also say that Simone has quite an international perspective, which helps when moving with third culture kids during this “digital nomad” age. Thank you so much Simone!”


“Please do yourself a favour, and let Simone’s wisdom, compassion and know-how roll out the red carpet for your dream of living in Bali. She will blow away with specific knowledge that you would otherswise have no access to.

For us, it was helping to understand the specialized schooling options of our neurodivergent son.

I cant imagine how anyone could even consider a move to Bali without Simone by their side! She is more than a resource, she is true gift.”

Kirsten and EmersonUSA

“Thank you so much to Simone for her support in helping us through our journey in planning to move to Bali.

Her kindness, knowledge of the country, contacts and tips & tricks is a true time saver! Information that would have taken us months to figure out.

What is also very much appreciated is that the information provided is updated and shared (cost of living, contacts…) which is key! (even more when the move is delayed) I highly recommend her consulting services!”


“Simone was so lovely to talk to you and provided me with so much valuable information. It was great to talk through a realistic budget and there was so much I hadn’t thought of.

She has given me some great areas and ideas to further explore in my research. Anyone making a move or just thinking of moving to Bali should use her service.

Thank you for all your advice Simone!”


“Simone is our Bali relocation fairy godmother. Her knowledge about all things related to moving to Bali is encyclopaedic and her social networks are phenomenal. Whatever she didn’t know personally, she introduced us to someone who did.

She helped us with big things like choosing a school, talking to school principals, finding a home, and smaller things like phone networks. I keep wondering how I can find a Simone for the other parts of my life!”


“Planning for a Bali gap year, Simone’s service has been so incredibly helpful in our research and planning.

From her advice on schools, villas and locations, to budgeting what things cost and everyday expenses.

She is so helpful, solutions-oriented, and has a positive attitude that makes it easy to consult with.

I am so grateful to have found her so we can be really prepared before our big move.”


“As I was researching relocating to Bali with my partner and young son, I came across Simone’s Instagram. I had a look on her website and thought this was just the lady that could help us with the move, making it an easier process.

Simone gave us a whole bunch of extremely useful guides plus contacts that would help with a lot of logistical things, which in the long term will save us so much time.

I had an incredible call with Simone, it was great to talk to someone that has already gone through the experience with a family. I was able to ask as many questions as I needed and after I felt so much more confident about the move.

If you are planning a move to Bali, there’s nothing better than speaking to someone that knows exactly what it’s like. Grateful for Simone’s help and would highly recommend it.”


“We are now in beautiful Bali….and finding our way…so much to do at the beginning. But definitely feel better to cope with it all from your support. We’re constantly referring to all of the documents you sent – so THANK YOU. Getting in touch with you was the BEST thing we could do prior to our move to Bali!”


“Simone’s website is super interesting and we took the decision to do this family adventure to a great extent thanks to her. As soon as we had the idea we immediately contacted her to guide us with our first steps and she helped us a lot with a lot of practical things.”


“As a single mother & busy entrepreneur, relocating to Bali and establishing the necessary connections to make our transition a fairly easy and seamless one – is no easy feat.

Our Year in Bali has helped tremendously in lessoning the load and stressors for me by linking me to wonderful and trustworthy people here in Bali.

Simone has helped me greatly by facilitating personal introductions on my behalf, making excellent suggestions based on her personal experience as a mom and providing valuable resources and tool kits in her package.

As a person who is direct and loves to get the foundation settled right away, Simone has gone above and beyond in ensuring my needs are met and rectifying anything on my behalf, if need be. Highly recommend working with her – you won’t regret it!”


“Simone’s resources and research have saved us many hours of internet searching. Her first
hand account of living in Bali combined with tangible guides answer nearly all the questions we had about living in Bali.

From cost of living to neighborhoods to live in to schooling and grocery shopping, she’s thought of it all.

She is friendly and helpful to chat with and available to answer any questions you may have. We look forward to our move to Bali knowing we have the best information available to prepare us in our journey. Thank you Simone!”


“We’re so pleased we got Simone on board to help us turn our dream of moving to Bali for a year into reality. From the moment we had our first zoom chat, I realised “this is really going to happen, there’s no turning back!” Since then, we have been busy digesting all the amazing info Simone provided, so comprehensive and thorough.

I am glad we enlisted her help early as there’s loads to get through and it’s given us the reassurance that we’re not going to overlook something important. Thanks again for everything Simone, your service really IS awesome! I wouldn’t do it any other way!”

Bec & RomanAustralia

“Just got off the phone with your contacts…wow what a week! Thank you SO MUCH!!!! I have gathered so much information in one week, and the plan is so much more definite now, could not have done that without you!! Thanks a million!”


“I am so thankful that our family came across Simone, from Our Year In Bali. As you can imagine, relocating or spending extended time in a new country can be hugely overwhelming, but Simone has helped us with everything, down to the fine details.

Simone is there to support you and guide you all the way through, with her expertise being second to none. The quality and attention put into the consulting service is fantastic and you really feel as though you have a supportive friend helping and guiding you from beginning to end…. Thank you Simone!”


“Moving abroad can be very overwhelming, so when we decided to pack up our life and move to Bali, we are so glad we stumbled across Our Year in Bali. Simone was incredibly helpful from the get go. She knows everything there is to know about Bali, and her information packs are filled with everything you’ll ever need, and more. Simone doesn’t just provide you with the information and disappear, she is there to help along the way if you need it too.

All of the information Simone provided meant we were able to feel somewhat knowledgeable and comfortable with our new life, before we got there. I couldn’t recommend Simone enough, thank you for making our transition to Bali life that little bit easier!”


“If you are considering a gap year in Bali I cannot recommend Simone highly enough.

Her knowledge and valuable information is second to none. Simone also checks in regularly with you to see if you need any ongoing support to ensure the process runs as smoothly as possible.

We are so excited for our adventure! Thanks Simone.”

KristineGold Coast

“When you take a step like this, there are a lot of things you should consider. School, where to live, business, visas, cost estimations… and a lot more.

Simone helped us with very accurate and helpful information and I can say that with her spreadsheets and calculations about Bali, it gave us a final push! Thanks Simone.”


“Our Year in Bali has been a wonderful resource to get a feel for how to live your best Bali life. Simone has been really helpful for us to understand the practicalities and challenges of moving, and made some fantastic introductions.”


“My husband and I have been thinking about retiring to Bali for a couple of years. It was overwhelming to read all the different information we received on what we could and couldn’t do. I found Simone via social media and she offered a free phone call.

We found her to be very knowledgeable so we signed up for her package. Wow! The support and the team Simone works with are amazing! We are selling our house at the moment and and have purchased a house in Nusa Lembongan using Simone’s contacts and it’s been so smooth from the purchase to our retirement visas.

I would highly recommend her to navigate you through moving to Bali – we are hoping to living there by the end of the year!”


“Our Year in Bali is great if you want to take a short cut in finding out about the do’s and don’t’s of moving to Bali. We have lived overseas before and the move there and back was painful at times. It would have been good to have someone give us tips and connect us with people. Simone from Our Year in Bali does exactly that. Highly recommended for removing the pain of moving to another country like Bali.”


“Thank you so much for doing this job….and helping soon to be expats like myself, who are going crazy trying to figure everything out from a distance!”


“We were considering a move to either Malaysia, Thailand or Bali and by using Simone’s service it has given us the perfect information to make the decision so much easier. So grateful your service exists! Thanks so much for all the help you have given us.”


“Thank you Simone for helping us with our journey to move to Bali. All the information and contacts you gave us made our move so much easier and stress free. It would have taken us much longer without your help so we are very thankful for all your advice and the great contacts you provided to us. We are so excited to call Bali our new home now.”

Tessa & ReinholdAustralia

“We are so grateful for your insight and all the valuable information for us so far. Having you answer my questions has put my mind so much at ease so thank you so much!”


“Her service is like a superpower concierge service for Bali. She was very intuitive about our needs and found a school that’s perfect for us and even helped us find a house that’s perfect for us.
The Visa consultant that she provided was efficient and reasonably priced and Simone is ever present for any other questions.

Her warm and infectious enthusiasm certainly aid the process too. Money extremely well spent, I think we’d be lost and confused without her.”


“Whilst I had become very familiar with Bali over the years, moving there to live is a completely different kettle of fish.

I bought Simone’s Gold package to get my head around all the details of taking up a long term lease, bills, a school for my son, etc. have made some fantastic contacts through Simone and some are now good friends.

It’s not long now until our move and I am completely organised thanks to Simone’s info and referrals. I can highly recommend Simone’s services.”


“Around 5 years ago we looked into moving to Bali but soon it became too overwhelming trying to work out how to do everything from another country.

I came across Simone’s Our Year in Bali’ business and WOW what a difference it has made to our relocation! We received a video phone call within the week od making the decision to move to Bali.

Simone’s knowledge and contacts provided us with ease, making our plans stress free. After our video call, it happened so fast, making our dreams a reality! Villas, schooling, area preferences to suit your lifestyle, visas etc there was nothing she couldnt help us with.

I highly reccomend her services to anyone who is looking to take the step toward moving to Bali.”


“We are so happy we had Simone helping us when moving to Bali with our 3 children. We had never been to Bali before and decided to go for one year as a sabbatical and had no clue on what to expect.

Simone helped us with all the preparations and gave us valuable input into important decisions such as where to live, how to choose a house, selecting schools and gave us objective advice as possible.

Her cost spreadsheets were super practical and appreicated. But it was Simone going out of her way to solve any problems that was most appreciated by us. When we had to change school she quickly put us in contact with the right people within her network who could help guide us and followed up to make sure we were alright!

We would advise any family with no Bali connection or experience to use Simone to come better prepared and setup for a more smooth transition and enjoyable time in Bali.”


“If you are planning to move to Bali, you HAVE to connect with Simone!

Even though mine is not a traditional, full-time move (I am looking to be based there on an adhoc basis), Simone’s advice, documents and especially connections – driver, real estate agents, business set up companies – are top quality and so helpful.

Her website is one of my favourite resources for Bali updates so do yourself a favour and reach out to Simone!”


“Simone’s help has been instrumental to making our relocation to Bali a pleasure instead of a nightmare.

Things here are different, and no amount of facebook/reddit/googling can prepare you to turn the vast amount of information into practical, usable knowledge – Simone’s on the other hand, does. From Visa contacts, to medical contact which we ended up within 4 days of landing turned out to be excellent.

Her guide is super insightful and comprehensive, which is a rare combination. To top it all off, Simone’s personality, responsiveness and proactiveness will give you a huge advantage when trying to settle down.

Best money spent this year, by a long mile. Thanks Simone!”


“Simone was a life-saver when it came to relocating to Bali temporarily – everything from visas to what to look for in a villa and connecting me with almost anything I needed, Simone became my go-to for all the local Bali knowledge. Thank you again!”


“Thanks to Simone’s blogposts about schools in Bali we actually started to investigate our Bali family adventure.

Although having been to Bali for a longer period before, we consulted Simone to help us get the full scope of what family life (and house hunting!) looks like nowadays in Bali. Simone’s in-depth and detailed information has been very valuable for us and we enjoyed reading all of it prior to departure.

Highly recommended, especially if you are planning to stay in Bali for a year or longer!”


“When we decided to make the move to Bali everything was a bit daunting. Simone’s expert knowledge and collated information was everything we needed. Since Covid Bali life has changed dramatically so it was a shock to see the inflation. It’s good to see the price points and be reassured what is the norm.

Simone also helped introduce us to the ProEducation school where are children are now enrolled.

We’d definitely recommend using Our Year In Bali to save you leg work and know you’re in safe hands!”


“We have moved countries a few times and we usually do all of our own research. We’ve learned that finding a house, doctor, dentist, school and forming other vital connections can be very time consuming!

After a hectic 2022, we bought Simone’s guide so that we could short cut the research process and get set up quickly in Bali. We really valued her medical and visa recommendations, as well as the practical information about schools. Thanks Simone!”


“To be honest, I wasn’t planning on hiring a consultant to move our family to Bali. While I enjoyed the OYIB blog, I thought I could elbow grease most of the research and save a few hundred bucks. But I changed my mind after I got on a discovery call with Simone.

This lady has a goldmine of info with hundreds of pages of well-researched info on schools, living in Bali, setting up household, and practical living tips that not only saved me dozens of hours, but way more money down the road.

Simone’s research was incredibly updated and reliable. Much more than if I had tried to research on the Internet or Facebook groups, most of which contained outdated info on schools and living.

Thanks to OYIB’s materials and consulting, I saved tens of thousands of dollars and much grief down the road by picking the wrong school.

I loved her detailed and painstaking research that has covered every single aspect of family life in Bali and what you need to know, and full of insights on things you never thought of but must prepare for. I call it my Bali Bible now!

Trust me, go for this and save yourself way more time, money, and heartache later, if you are considering moving to Bali and especially for families.”

JessicaHong Kong

“Simone has been such a lovely support to have! The amount of information that was provided to us was everything we needed to make an informed decision and nothing was left unknown.

Simone genuinely wants to help provide all the support and information she can to help others live the Bali life.!

Even though we are yet to arrive in Bali, we feel so ready and prepared for when we decide to do so. Thanks so much Simone!”

Zoe and JasonAustralia

“I’m a planner and love to research so I was on the fence about whether to go it alone or use Simone’s services.

I'm so glad I chose to work with Simone. The biggest win for me was all of the contacts that she has pre-vetted and can confidently recommend - this is something I could have never achieved on my own through research!”

SamanthaNew Zealand

“I found Simone on a lucky whim searching for advice on Google on how to transport my pup to Bali. She responded right away & with such open arms to help!

She recommended the best pet transport company & shared specific contacts that were beyond helpful. Thank you Simone!”


“When we first decided to relocate to Bali for 6 months, we were quite overwhelmed with the amount and vastly differing information available on website/forums/Facebook etc.

We are so glad we came across Simone and decided to purchase the Silver Package. The information and contacts she provided has been invaluable to our planning and preparation for our trip.

It is clear that Simone has spent years developing trusted contacts in Bali and it takes a lot of stress off us in our move knowing we have someone to reach out to for whatever comes up.”

Kim, Lou and RiverAustralia

“I was totally overwhelmed with the list of things to do before our bali adventure. Moving OS can tests anyone’s nerves, then a friend mentioned “Our year in Bali” and our journey with Simone began.

Her connections and resources made our move so much easier. Simone continues to up date her contacts and stays in touch even after you have settled.

Her service is gold class and her care and commitment is next level.

Thanks Simone we think you are fabulous!”


“Simone is the Queen of recommendations and advice for all things Bali!
We would not of made the move to Bali without her help. From putting me in touch with our VISA agent, helping me put my daughter into an incredible international school, introducing me to the best real estate agents in the area to help find our long term dream villa. Also putting us in touch with a bank manager, to open a local bank account and sending through scooter hire companies.

Simone is also a total sweetheart, lovely to deal with and checked in on us in the lead up to our move and also multiple times since we have made the move. Thank you so much Simone!!!”

Valentine familyAustralia

“I had my first consultation with Simone nearly two years ago, as we were searching for guidance and recommendations in our plans to relocate to Bali.

Simone's consulting package and guidance, and her constant follow up to check on our progress, status, answer questions, and direct us to her trusted contacts, when we had needs, made the whole relocation experience seamless, easy, and actually very enjoyable.

I cannot recommend more highly Simone's guidance to help anyone through a relocation, in our case from Australia to Bali.

We have been here just a short time now; upon arrival our villa was ready, visas were ready, fast track upon arrival, drivers ready etc.

And yes, Bali is accurately called Paradise, or at least as near as one could get to Paradise.
Thank you Simone; we would never have made it without you.”


“As a young family, we tried to go our way and find every little bit of information on our own - we invested A LOT of time in research and kept finding unreliable people and conflicting information.

Just save yourself the hassle! We aren't big on money, but this investment was by far one of the best bang for our bucks - completely recommend using this service.

Support varies from visas, traveling, pets, documents, whatever you can think of, this is your one stop shop.

Just as an example, in less than a week, we have contacts and information for everything we need - on our own, in a month we weren't even halfway there.”


“Simone offers these wonderful packages of information with anything you could ever need. Apart from this information, she also provides a very customized service depending on your personal needs.

She have great knowledge, information and networks that can really make your life so much easier, especially so you can settle down much quicker and start enjoying your experience in Bali.

Her information allows you to avoid a lot of mistakes so you really cant do without her experience.

Simone has also a very empathetic nature. Besides all of her practical and concrete help, we felt her willingness to support us and our specific needs were most appreciated.”


“How easy is it to move to a country you’ve never been to before, with 3 kids (7/9/11).. where to live, what to expect, best places to see, doctors, schools…you can send so much time doing your own research on you google and the ‘bloggers’ insta… But to speak to someone directly was like having a family member there already. From our first free call we knew she was there to help, nothing was a problem.

She’s helped so many families so there is a good understanding of the different circumstances. She also introduced us to people here that had kids the same age.

Bali is amazing, the move was still a big one but it was definitely made easier using her services.”


“Simone is the best! Very communicative, easy to reach, and has a wealth of knowledge. She has been helping people relocate to Bali for over seven years and it shows! After one call with Simone, we immediately felt more at ease and more in control of our move abroad.

She provides all the info on everything you could possibly want to know, and we're especially grateful to her for helping us manage our dog Scout's journey abroad as well. Highly recommend working with Simone and Our Year in Bali!”


“I am on my retirement journey to move to Bali. I was finding it a complicated process. Visas, accommodation, banking, phones, language…. Then I found Simone at Our Year in Bali.

She has provided a pathway, connections and advice. One Year in Bali has cleared and illuminated the path. Simone has been on this journey herself and saw the need for resources to clear away the clutter.

The resources and connections provided by OYIB are my lifesaver. I can’t recommend her service more highly.”


“We started working with Simone about 6 months out from moving to Bali. Initially only wanting to go for four months we bought her Bronze package for a quick help so when we landed we knew what to do and where to go if our situation changed.

After four months we stayed on and it was exactly what we needed. A local schools list, help with doctors, visa agents and our accountant.

We later added the Silver package for even more info, we need the info fast and it helped us so much! Thanks Simone!

We appreciated all of the work you’d put into these after needing them quickly! You’ve thought of everything!”


“I’m still in the planning stage of our move to Bali and have found Simone’s advice excellent - I’ve received thorough information on general living in Bali, and great contacts for setting up business, organising visa’s and for real estate. This has all left me feeling confident and informed about my upcoming move.”

RebeccaNew Zealand

“I cannot speak of Simone and Our Year in Bali highly enough! I discovered Simone through a podcast I listened to. From the moment that I first contacted her, Simone was kind, thoughtful and responsive. I learned a lot in our first consultation and signed up with her for the Bali Bronze package. The information in the package is incredibly thorough. She has condensed so much information and knowledge into her carefully curated guides. So much value!

She has spent years building an invaluable network in Bali and she generously offers to help connect us to people who can help make our journey smoother. We're so grateful to have found her and we look forward to working with her moving forward. Thanks so much, Simone!”


“Simone was wonderful and we really couldn’t have done this without her! The most helpful aspect was the visas, we were able to secure an appropriate visa for our family with little trouble because of her advice. The introductions to realtors as well as health insurance providers and staff options was also priceless. I highly recommend spending the money to purchase one of the packages. She also introduced us to fellow parents and school enrollment staff. It’s just made this whole experience so much easier. Thank you!!!”


“It was great to start our adventure with an online call with Simone. She was able to advise us about housing and schooling, based on our preferences and budget.

Her information is valuable and a great guideline and starting point for your Bali adventure. And she’s also a very nice person. Highly recommend it.”


“I’m a big researcher of life by nature, so very organized when it comes to travel and we have relocated a couple of times, as well as spent a lot of time in Bali for both holiday and work over the years, but the level of information Simone was able to share was so detailed I made the decision to purchase one of her packages.

Being able to cut through the information to make informed decisions quickly has given us so much clear head space. As much as I might like to think I could have managed to sort the visa’s, accommodation, schooling etc. myself, what we really bought was ease in the transition for it to all be stress free and maintain the simple excitement of moving.

I’m so sure we saved money and time too by being connected with Simone’s network of experienced and knowledgeable people on the ground. A huge thank you from us for giving us an amazing head start Simone.”

TamaNew Zealand

“Found Simone and Our Year In Bali through Instagram, while doing research for our relocation from the UK to Bali. While we had been to Bali before, her introductions along with her extensive knowledge of life in Bali, have been invaluable. Especially as a family our experience would not have been the same with out her support. For anyone planning a relocation Simone is your girl.”

LinneaUnited Kingdom

“Simone has done extensive research on as well as experienced living in Bali and has created very detailed information packages for anyone considering moving to Bali. Her Bronze Package was so helpful for me in considering whether or not Bali was a good retirement option for me. I highly recommend working with Simone if you are curious or serious about moving to Bali.”


“Our Year in Bali has been an absolute life-saviour. I can’t believe how quickly everything just clicked and fell into place because of Simone’s help. Within 3 weeks of arriving in Bali, our family of three felt happily settled, housing, school, co-working and community-wise. We could not have done this on our own. I’m actually pretty sure that Bali would have spat us out before we knew of it. I’m giving OYIB 5 stars because it was a five-star experience. And, Simone even followed up after a month asking us how we were doing, talk about a top-notch service experience.”

Ida MarieDenmark

“Simone has been instrumental in our move to Bali and has connected us with so many amazing resources. She’s been available for every question and makes intros for everything we could ever need to feel comfortable and prepared. I couldn’t recommend this service more! A must for foreigners especially moving with kids!”


“Finding Simone and her Our Year in Bali has been a pure blessing for us.
Through her well structured and wide stretching service she literally kickstarted the complex and often complicated process of settling down in Bali and establishing a lifetime professional and personal project, making it so much faster and easier.

Even though I have previously worked for 5 years in Indonesia and have been visiting Bali countless times for over 25 years, I really needed her help to find answers to all our questions and also solutions to issues we couldn't even dream of by connecting us with her impressive network.

We chose the Silver Package but you may be sure to find something that fits your needs, no matter what your project, duration or plan is. You’ll probably, as is our case, get way more than you expect. Simone comes back regularly to share all types of additional information and contacts. And she wraps it up in her very kind and friendly spirit. Suksma, Simone.”


“Simone has been an integral part of helping me source authentic suppliers in Bali to assist with my future investment. Her genuine manner & professional trustworthy material is paramount for this whole process! Highly recommend thank you Simone”


“We stumbled across Simone's website just after deciding to take a family Gap Year to Bali. Her advice and guides saved us hundreds of hours of research and helped us go abroad much sooner than would have been possible otherwise. Her advice on schools and the budget were particularly useful in our planning.”

MaggieNew Zealand

“Simone is a great bridge to moving to Bali. She takes care into learning what you would need and what you are looking for and helps make it come together with her knowledge and contacts. It is difficult to navigate moving to another country but she helps you feel more confident and prepared.
I had felt unsure and anxious but it was night and day after talking to her as I felt like I could see more clearly about who, what, where and how. And she really gets the ball rolling for you in terms of connecting you to the right people who have all been helpful and nice. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is serious about moving to Bali. She can help you navigate through the process.”


“Our family decided to spend 2024 in Bali on a year's sabbatical. 2 adults and a 14 and 10 year old. A friend of a friend living in Bali recommended Simone's business to us as we started to process of trying to work out how to make this all happen. It was truly an invaluable source of information and great connections to help answer and work you through the whole palaver of moving to another country. Not just about the other country but also what you need to think about and do in your home country before moving.

The hardest thing may well be trying to implement all Simone's great advice before you leave. To that point the information sources have continued to be a great help 2 months into our stay and Simone's follow up is exceptional as well. It really should be everyone's starting point to an extended stay in Bali.”


“Simone is an incredible asset for anyone relocating to Bali. Her approachability, extensive knowledge, and exceptional service have been a constant source of comfort throughout this challenging journey. Thanks to her expert guidance, we have found the process far less intimidating. If you seek a trusted advisor and confidant, Simone is the optimal choice for a seamless and stress-free relocation experience.”


“We have appreciated Simone’s transparency, openness & authenticity in providing timely, appropriate information, service and contacts. We have been able to adjust expectations & make realistic plans with trustworthy support from Simone. We are very grateful to Simone and appreciative of her service.”


“Simone has exceeded our expectations, helping to make our family’s transition to Bali as smooth as possible. She is a natural connector and genuinely cares that each connection creates the conditions for reciprocal relationships to flourish so that they also positively contribute to the greater communities existing on island.”


“Simone has been amazing helping us land on Bali. She has provided us with tons of valuable information on Bali life, gave us Visa advice and got us into contact with the right people such as: school principals and real estate agents. Strongly recommend working with her when considering a move to Bali!”

LeontineThe Netherlands

“We are so happy to have brought on Simone Collins through Our Year in Bali. Thanks to her Silver Package she provided us with a whole toolbox to start and succeed in our life project in Bali. She put us in contact with all kinds of professionals as well as other people to carry out complex things such as opening a company, establishing visas well suited to our situation, not to mention health insurance formalities. She also put us in contact with other people in our situation who have been very valuable to us for the present and the future. Our Year in Bali is quite simply a way to optimize your professional and private life in Bali. Thank you, Simone, for your wonderful and essential help.”


“Expats of the world rejoice !!!

Simone has been absolutely invaluable and unbelievably available and helpful...before, during, and after we arrived in Bali.

We were lucky enough to have been made aware of Simone and her services while we were only just getting serious about our Bali plans, and she walked us through every step while giving us the confidence that we can and should follow our dream.

If you are remotely serious about moving to Bali you simply need to talk to Simone and let her help you plan and execute actually doing it....because of her our experience has been fun and hassle free from start to finish. For real.”