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“Thank you so much to Simone for her support in helping us through our journey in planning to move to Bali. Her kindness, knowledge of the country, contacts and tips & tricks is a true time saving! Information that would have taken us months to figure out. What is also very much appreciated as well is that the information provided is updated and shared (cost of living, contacts…) which is key! (even more when the move is delayed) I highly recommend her consulting services!”

“Simone was so lovely to talk to you and provided me with so much valuable information. It was great to talk through a realistic budget and there was so much I hadn’t thought of. She has given me some great areas and ideas to further explore in my research. Anyone making a move or just thinking of moving to Bali should use her service. Thank you for all your advice Simone!”

“We were considering a move to either Malaysia, Thailand or Bali and by using Simone’s service it has given us the perfect information to make the decision so much easier. So grateful your service exists! Thanks so much for all the help you have given us.”

“Even though we are planning for a Bali ’23 gap year, Simone’s service has been so incredibly helpful in our research and planning. From her advice on schools, villas and locations, to budgeting what things cost and everyday expenses. I am so grateful to have found her so we can be really prepared before our big move.”

As I was researching relocating to Bali with my partner and young son, I came across Simone’s Instagram.I had a look on her website and thought this was just the lady that could help us with the move, making it an easier process. Simone gave us a whole bunch of extremely useful guides plus contacts that would help with a lot of logistical things, which in the long term will save us so much time. I had an incredible call with Simone, it was great to talk to someone that has already gone through the experience with a family. I was able to ask as many questions as I needed and after I felt so much more confident about the move. If you are planning a move to Bali, there’s nothing better than speaking to someone that knows exactly what it’s like. Grateful for Simone’s help and would highly recommend it.”

“We are so grateful for your insight and all the valuable information for us so far. Having you answer my questions has put my mind so much at ease so thank you so much! “

“Thank you so much for doing this job….and helping soon to be expats like myself, who are going crazy trying to figure everything out from a distance!”

Simone’s resources and research have saved us many hours of internet searching. Her first
hand account of living in Bali combined with tangible guides answer nearly all the questions we had about living in Bali. From cost of living to neighborhoods to live in to schooling and grocery shopping, she’s thought of it all. She is friendly and helpful to chat with and available to answer any questions you may have. We look forward to our move to Bali knowing we have the best information available to prepare us in our journey. Thank you Simone!”

Simone’s blog is super interesting and we took the decision to do this family adventure to a great extent thanks to her. As soon as we had the idea we immediately contacted her to guide us with our first steps and she helped us a lot with a lot of practical things.”

“We’re so pleased we got Simone on board to help us turn our dream of moving to Bali for a year into reality. From the moment we had our first zoom chat, I realised “this is really going to happen, there’s no turning back!” Since then, we have been busy digesting all the amazing info Simone provided, so comprehensive and thorough. I am glad we enlisted her help early as there’s loads to get through and it’s given us the reassurance that we’re not going to overlook something important. Thanks again for everything Simone, your service really IS awesome! I wouldn’t do it any other way!”

“Just got off the phone with your contacts…Wow what a week! Thank you SO MUCH!!!! I have gathered so much information in one week, and the plan is so much more definite now, could not have done that without you!! I’ll continue with the visa on Monday! Thanks a million and have a good weekend.”

I am so thankful that our family came across Simone, from Our Year In Bali. As you can imagine, relocating or spending extended time in a new country can be hugely overwhelming, but Simone has helped us with everything, down to the fine details. Simone is there to support you and guide you all the way through, with her expertise being second to none. The quality and attention put into the consulting service is fantastic and you really feel as though you have a supportive friend helping and guiding you from beginning to end…. Thank you Simone!”

Moving abroad can be very overwhelming, so when we decided to pack up our life and move to Bali, we are so glad we stumbled across Our Year in Bali. Simone was incredibly helpful from the get go. She knows everything there is to know about Bali, and her information packs are filled with everything you’ll ever need, and more. Simone doesn’t just provide you with the information and disappear, she is there to help along the way if you need it too. All of the information Simone provided meant we were able to feel somewhat knowledgeable and comfortable with our new life, before we got there. I couldn’t recommend Simone enough, thank you for making our transition to Bali life that little bit easier!”

“If you are considering a gap year in Bali I cannot recommend Simone highly enough. Her knowledge and valuable information is second to none. Simone also checks in regularly with you to see if you need any ongoing support to ensure the process runs as smoothly as possible. We are so excited for our 2022 adventure! Thanks Simone.”

“When you take a step like this, there are a lot of things you should consider. School, where to live, business, visas, cost estimations… and a lot more. Simone helped us with very accurate and helpful information and I can say that with her spreadsheets and calculations about Bali, it gave us a final push! Thanks Simone.”

 “Our Year in Bali has been a wonderful resource to get a feel for how to live your best Bali life. Simone has been really helpful for us to understand the practicalities and challenges of moving, and made some fantastic introductions.”

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