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Various transportation options are available in Bali, such as taxis, Go Jek, Grab, renting or buying a scooter, motorbike, or car for self-driving, or hiring a full-time private driver with a car.

Driving in Bali can offer unique challenges such as road closures for ceremonies, heavy traffic, navigating around the landscape like rice fields and unpredictable road conditions.

Understanding the distances and travel times on Bali is essential, with motorbikes and scooters offering quicker commute times. However, despite the advantages, traffic jams are a common occurrence, contributing to delays and unpredictability.

Our services are designed to help expats secure transport options,  including a private driver, get Travel and Health insurance and local licence for living in Bali as well as extensive tips and advice.

International Driving Permit / Licence

To drive in Bali, whether by car, motorbike, or scooter,  an International Driving Permit (IDP) also known as an International Drivers Licence (IDL), is mandatory.

This permit, best obtained online in your home country before arriving in Bali, serves as a translation of your existing driver’s licence into multiple languages.

It is crucial to carry both the International Driving Permit and your regular driver’s licence from your home country at all times while driving or riding on Balinese roads. Failure to do so is considered an offence under Indonesian traffic law, with potential penalties including up to four months in prison or a fine of IDR1 million.

Get your International Driving Permit

Driving safely

Ensure you have your usual driver’s licence from your country of origin and your International Driving Permit and you’ll be covered for driving legally in Bali.

You drive on the left hand side of the road with the driver sitting on the right side. Speed limits vary depending on the road and location, but generally the maximum speed limit for a scooter is 60 km/h on city roads and 80km/h on highways.

There is a regulation in Indonesia that requires all people riding motorcycles to wear a helmet. If you are caught without one, the official fine is Rp 250,000.

You can also get scooter lessons at scooter schools in Ubud, Sanur and Canggu to understand the road rules and gain confidence riding.


In Bali, scooter brands like Honda, Yamaha, and Suzuki all offer similar riding experiences. Scooters with engine sizes ranging from 110cc to 155cc are available for rent, catering to different power preferences, with the Yamaha NMax 155cc being a popular choice for its potency, making it suitable for navigating mountain roads.

You can book your bike rental now through Bikago, a reputable rental company, has provided secure and reliable scooter rentals to 50,000 tourists in Phuket and Bali since 2014. Offering hassle-free online arrangements, a modern fleet under 2 years old, and dedicated support, they prioritize safety with stringent standards, free island-wide delivery, and optional accessories like hard cases and surf racks.

You can also rent or purchase electric scooters. For example, SKUTE, the first and only 100% electric scooter rental company in Bali, offers cost-effective and eco-friendly options, with the potential to save significantly on fuel expenses compared to traditional petrol-driven vehicles.

Book your Bike rental now


Various car rental options are available, ranging from larger companies like Avis to smaller businesses like Drive in Bali and additionally, locals often offer car and scooter rentals on platforms like Facebook.

For those planning to stay in Bali for more than a year, purchasing a car or scooter becomes a more economical option.

Full time private drivers

Expats, especially families, benefit from the convenience of hiring a full-time private driver in Bali to alleviate the challenges of navigating the island, dealing with parking and the stress of busy commutes. In essence, they integrate into the family dynamic, becoming a daily presence and a crucial source of support. Moreover, they offer a delightful insight into the rich tapestry of Balinese culture and lifestyle.

Our services offer detailed information on a driver’s role, associated costs, and various recruitment options to assist expats in making informed decisions.

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Local licence

If you want to drive around on a scooter or car in Bali, know that after living in Bali for 3 months, you should then go ahead and get a local driver’s licence.

One of the main prerequisites of obtaining a local driver’s licence in Indonesia is having a valid international driver’s licence and often a KITAS.

There are two types of licences you can apply for SIM C – for motorcycles up to 250cc and SIM A – for private cars.

My visa agents and business consultancies provide a smooth process to ensure you can receive a local Indonesian licence for either a car or scooter. These licences are valid for 5 years.

Car and scooter insurance

When you opt for car or scooter rentals, the rental company typically provides insurance coverage for theft or damages. However, it’s important to note that this coverage is distinct from any potential personal injury resulting from an accident.

To safeguard yourself against personal injury claims, it is crucial to have Travel and Health insurance in place. If you find yourself involved in a motorbike accident, for instance, possessing both licences becomes necessary (International Driving Licence for a car or motorbike and the appropriate Local Licence). It is advisable to consult your insurance provider regarding the specific requirements for claims, particularly for vehicles with an engine capacity exceeding 50cc (as most scooters typically surpass 110cc).

So whilst insurance may be included (needs to be noted on invoice) it will only usually cover total loss for a motorbike. It won’t cover damage to other people or damage to the bike. Many companies will not even provide insurance for bikes. Usually, if a tourist causes damage they pay everything including the 3rd party medical expenses.  A car may be different, but best to have in writing the cover and excess.

Our services are designed to help expats secure the appropriate Travel and Health insurance and explain the terms and conditions for living in Bali.