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Move to Bali Consulting


Moving to Bali is an exciting opportunity but also a great challenge.

Speaking of challenges, the world is currently living with COVID19. This pandemic has changed our lives in so many ways but it has demonstrated how we can work and school remotely, making a move to Bali very possible.

When we moved to Bali, we spent a year researching online, joining groups and forums and not until we lived there did we realise just how difficult it was to gain a good understanding on how things actually worked. We also discovered that there was a lot of unspoken information and just getting the daily practicalities that we would never find online.

We have learnt a great deal about expat life: from choosing the right school and extra-curricular activities to finding a good doctor, understanding the Balinese work culture and opening a bank account.

Deciding on a safe neighbourhood to live in and which school to attend are often the first topics to research. Across the island you will find many expat communities to live in and each come with pros and cons. Sanur, Canggu and Ubud communities offer many schooling options and each have a wonderful lifestyle. As development rapidly continues in Bali, renting a home even on the outskirts of these areas is becoming very popular too.

Whether you are interested in moving to Bali for 3 months, 6 months, a year or more the same information and practicalities apply. Families all around the world from the USA to India reach out for help and I love to explain why Bali made sense for us too.

We are excited to offer you our consulting service to give you honest feedback for your needs and budget (cost of living) so you have the right information to make informed decisions. Not only will we give you everything you need to know but it will fast track your new expat experience so you can settle into Bali life a whole lot quicker.

We offer four packages that includes lots of resources, contacts and email and phone support. To request a copy of these packages simply get in touch and let’s start the conversation.

Thinking of moving to Bali?

Click here to book a free 30 minute call to discuss your plans and answer your questions.

“Thank you so much to Simone for her support in helping us through our journey in planning to move to Bali. Her kindness, knowledge of the country, contacts and tips & tricks is a true time saving! Information that would have taken us months to figure out. What is also very much appreciated as well is that the information provided is updated and shared (cost of living, contacts…) which is key! (even more when the move is delayed) I highly recommend her consulting services!”

What can we offer?

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Initial chat to understand all your plans. Let's talk about your needs, background and budget.


Receive an extensive family living guide (over 40 pages!), day-to-day expenses, personal budget and essential checklists on items like renting a villa, hiring a driver, planning and more.


Receive personal trusted contacts such as visa agent, babysitters, doctor, dentist, rental agents and relocation specialist.


Follow up video consultation after reading all the materials to answer your questions and provide any further advice and recommendations. As well as ongoing email and phone support before you arrive and as you settle in.

“We were considering a move to either Malaysia, Thailand or Bali and by using Simone’s service it has given us the perfect information to make the decision so much easier. So grateful your service exists! Thanks so much for all the help you have given us.”

Some of the topics we can discuss:

  • Short-term and long-term housing options
  • Furnished and unfurnished villas
  • Schools and different educational opportunities
  • Best location to live and information about the neighbourhood
  • Safety
  • Expat communities
  • Visas
  • Schooling and all available options
  • Bringing a baby and young children
  • Practical financial advice including cost of living, opening a local bank account, transferring money, credit cards
  • Hiring staff and salaries
  • Health insurance and medical information
  • Driving options and getting around
  • Cultural information to assist with fitting into local life
  • General cost of living and what to budget
  • Everyday practicalities
  • Pre-departure planning
  • Settling in

“Simone was so lovely to talk to you and provided me with so much valuable information. It was great to talk through a realistic budget and there was so much I hadn’t thought of. She has given me some great areas and ideas to further explore in my research. Anyone making a move or just thinking of moving to Bali should use her service. Thank you for all your advice Simone!”

Thinking of moving to Bali?

Click here to book a free 30 minute call to discuss your plans.

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