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Meet the 'Our Year in Bali' Family

Hello, and welcome to Our Year in Bali! My name is Simone Collins, and I am the proud mother, wife, and founder of this website. Initially, I created this platform to document our family’s gap year in Bali, but our love for this beautiful place turned it into a two-year adventure that transformed our lives forever.

Upon returning to Australia, I realized that my passion for the Bali expat lifestyle could help other families navigate the relocation process. That’s why I offer a relocation service with essential resources to assist not only families but anyone in making the move to Bali.

Living in a different country had always been a dream of mine, and sharing this experience with my loved ones made it even more special. My husband and I researched several places, including Singapore, Hawaii, and New York, but Bali quickly became our top choice. It checked all the boxes and offered us an exciting new way of life.

Bali offered everything our family wanted in our gap year:
  • An Australian School system with the same curriculum and school calendar
  • Only one or two hours behind Australian Eastern Standard Time, making it easy to work remotely
  • Reliable internet access in our villa and free wi-fi widely available
  • Regular flights to Australia and Singapore for easy trips home and visa updates
  • More family leisure time as we didn’t need to wash our clothes, clean the house, cook and commute to work
  • Enjoying a beautiful villa with a swimming pool to use multiple times a day
  • Being surrounded by nature – rice fields, beaches, waterfalls etc
  • Lower cost of living allowing us to frequently enjoy restaurants, movies, babysitting and travel
  • A diverse culture and island life with a Hindu population showcasing their customs, language, food, festivals and ceremonies
  • Living on an island with a spiritual practice teaches our family a different appreciation for everyday life
  • The Balinese are so friendly, welcoming and wodnerful with children
  • A tropical climate where the forecast was warm all year
  • Travel opportunities to explore around Bali, nearby islands and neighbouring Asian countries
  • A diverse expat international community with opportunities to form new friendships and connect with people and entrepreneurs with a similar mindset
  • Delicious food including exotic fruit and vegetables, affordable Indonesian and international cuisine and an incredible health food scene too!

Another big factor when relocating with children is the type of education and choosing the right school. When you decide to live in Bali you can choose many schooling options and curriculums, including international schools (you may have heard about the famous Green School), homeschools, nature-based schools, distance online learning, unschooling and even world schooling. Our children (who were ages 6 & 7) attended the Australian Independent School for two years. In hindsight, I realised that the most enriching aspect of my children’s experience was immersing themselves in the spiritual Hindu culture in a developing country, rather than the school they attended.

While living in Bali, I became fascinated by the stories of my fellow expats, prompting me to start interviewing friends and publishing their experiences. I have since made it a regular practice to share inspiring interviews with my audience every week.

On occasion, I also have the pleasure of being interviewed myself! If you’re interested, I invite you to listen to my episode on moving to Bali with the Bali Insiders podcast.

I consult with families from all over the world on a weekly basis, having spoken to people from more than 55 countries, including the USA, Canada, India, Singapore, UK, Holland, Norway, Brazil, Croatia, Dubai, New Zealand, Colombia, and Australia. Some of these families are seeking the enchantment Bali has to offer, while others are regular visitors who understand the difference between being on holiday and living there. In any case, they turn to me for my comprehensive service to build their confidence and streamline their move to Bali.

We all go through a learning curve when relocating somewhere different, and it requires a lot of planning, research, and decision-making. With our relocation packages, we have done all the hard work for you, so you can save time, money, and avoid unnecessary stress.

Keen to find out more about living in Bali? Great! Click here to book a free 30 min discovery call so we can discuss your plans, answer your questions and give you some feedback and solutions. 

Please take a moment to read the testimonials page to discover the satisfaction and positive feedback from my clients throughout the years. This will give you an idea of the quality of assistance I provide.

I hope I have the privledge of being part of your Bali journey!


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