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Meet the 'Our Year in Bali' Family

Selamat Datang and Welcome!

I’m Simone Collins, the founder of Our Year in Bali.

I am so glad we have met on your journey to Bali and I am honoured to be able to help you live your best Bali life!

Initially, this platform came into existence to document our family’s one-year adventure in Bali. However, our profound connection with Bali extended it into a two-year journey that has left a lasting impact on our lives.

We originally sought to escape the stress and expectations of city life in Sydney, Australia, aiming for a complete transformation of our routine. Living in Bali provided us with an enriching experience, creating a remarkable chapter in our lives that we are eternally grateful for.

Bali possesses an inexplicable energy that only becomes apparent once you immerse yourself in its unique ambiance. Some describe it as falling in love with the simple rhythm of Balinese life.

Before we arrived, we conducted a year of thorough research and visited Bali to explore and tour schools, inspect properties and potential living areas. Despite these efforts, we found that we still lacked a sufficient amount of accurate information and a deep understanding of life in Bali. It took a considerable amount of time residing there, making occasional mistakes, and going through a process of trial and error.

Living in a different country had always been a dream of mine, and experiencing it with my family made it extraordinary. After extensive research, Bali quickly emerged as our top choice, meeting all our criteria and offering a vibrant new way of life. 

Here's what Bali offered our family

  • A unique international schooling environment and world school education.
  • Convenient time zone for facilitating remote work.
  • Reliable internet access in our home and widespread free Wi-Fi.
  • Regular flights to Australia and Singapore, ensuring easy trips home.
  • More quality family time, with daily chores minimised, allowing us to fully immerse ourselves in Bali’s beauty.
  • The ability to live in a stunning villa with a pool and have staff to do domestic duties.
  • Living in a predominantly English speaking environment, with the opportunity to learn a new language.
  • Welcoming and friendly locals – Balinese are the nicest people in the world and love children.
  • Surrounded by nature, from rice fields to beaches and waterfalls.
  • A lower cost of living, enabling frequent enjoyment of restaurants, entertainment, and travel.
  • Outdoor activities to enjoy like beaches and surfing.
  • A rich and diverse Hindu culture, offering insights into Balinese customs, language, food, festivals, and ceremonies.
  • Immersion in an island lifestyle with a spiritual practice that reshaped our appreciation for everyday life.
  • Year-round warm tropical weather.
  • Abundant travel opportunities to explore Bali, nearby islands, and neighbouring South-East Asian countries.
  • A diverse expat community, fostering new friendships and connections with like-minded individuals.
  • A culinary paradise, with a wide array of delicious local and international cuisine, exotic fruits, and a thriving health food scene.

Beyond documenting our adventures, my fascination with the expat experiences of others, led to regular interviews, now numbering over 100 expat stories. I’ve also been interviewed on podcasts discussing the process of moving to Bali.

My passion for the Bali expat lifestyle led naturally to the creation of a relocation consulting service, offering essential resources not only for families but for anyone contemplating a move.

Since 2018, I’ve had the privilege of advising and assisting hundreds of individuals globally as they make the transition to Bali. My engagements have involved conversations with people from over 55 countries, representing a diverse range of backgrounds. Every week, I connect with individuals from countries such as the USA, Canada, Hong Kong, Singapore, the UK, Holland, Norway, Brazil, Croatia, Dubai, New Zealand, Colombia, and Australia..

Take a moment to explore the testimonials page and discover the satisfaction and positive feedback from my clients over the years. This will offer a glimpse of the high-quality assistance I provide.

When you a ready, book a complimentary call and let’s start chatting about your Bali plans and research, and together we will ensure you get clarity, confidence and calm.

I look forward to the privilege of being part of your Bali journey!

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Receive a free download The Essential Checklist to Move Family to Bali (100 items inside!)