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Young dutch family living in Sanur for years to come

Meet:  Ceylan, Jan-Jaap, Naut & Nova Palma
Originally from: The Netherlands, The Hague 
Arrived in Bali: May 2022

What made you decide to MOVE TO BALI?

Mostly the time difference ánd the opportunity to have more time together as a family. We have our own company in the Netherlands and when it’s night there it’s daytime here in Bali, so my husband can answer phone calls and that way we can take out the call center at night. There is also a lot of change going on (politically) in the Netherlands, so that I no longer felt completely at home there. We just decided to take the plunge and so far we certainly don’t regret it!


How long do you plan to stay in BALI?

We don’t really have a plan yet, but certainly a few years! We doubt whether the children have a future here later, in terms of career, but for their youth in Bali is the best place to grow up in my opinion!


home is in SANUR. why did you decide to live there?

We have read a lot about this place and it seems to be the most child friendly place! We are currently trying to find a home Sanur.

Unfortunately due to the rise of tourism there is a kind of madness going on in the housing market which makes it very difficult to find a house at the normal price. After a lot of disappointments we will try to rent something temporary until we find a nice house for our family.



What preparations did you make before arriving in Bali?

We sold our house and got rid of all of our stuff. We came here with only a few suitcases of clothes. Furthermore we had to arrange the right travel vaccinations, visas etc. Also had a lot to arrange for our company so it would run smoothly with us gone.


What have the settling in challenges been for you and the family?

The heat is something that really takes getting used to and to drive on the left side of the road! I don’t think we’re here long enough yet to have any real challenges but I’m sure we will have some!



What tips do you have for those with young families?

Just take it as it comes… dont worry to much. I don’t think there is a better place to grow up for young kids.


How do you find healthcare? Do you feel safe?

That is something that worries me a little with two small children… luckily I find a lot of information in Facebook groups and I have made a list of important locations and recommended doctors etc. Dont really feel safe yet but I heard the hospitals are really good.



My husband starts work early, we have breakfast together, and then I entertain the kids.

I also like to take the kids to Kidz Cafe Sanur and Byrdhouse in Sanur.

In the afternoon we have lunch together and around 3:00 pm my husband has finished work so we can go to the beach together for a while and then we have a snack there or we take something with us to eat at home.




Mostly on the scooter! It is really very different from traffic in the Netherlands but you get used to it quickly.


What is the best thing about living in Bali so far?

The freedom and the mentality here… it’s so wonderful to live here, the rhythm is so different and the culture so much friendlier. In addition, there is also the beautiful nature… I would already never want to go back to the Netherlands…


What is your advice about moving a family to bali?

Just do it! You will have no regrets!

Is there anything else you would like to share that I haven’t asked?

At the moment, tourism has just started again, which makes the rents ridiculous… search well and if necessary wait a little longer before renting something for longer term. Hopefully prices will return to normal soon.


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