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What are the Tracy family up to? Now living in Bali 4 years!

Profile: Angela, husband Tim, sons Clancy (12), Percy (11), Herbie (9) and daughter Kitty (5).

Last time we caught up it was May 2017 and you had already been living in Bali for 18 months.  You weren’t sure how many more years you were going to stay in Bali as your oldest was going into Year 6 in 2019.

It is now February 2019, and you have now been living in Bali for 4 years, what has made you stay?

We are still happily living in Bali.  Our children love the surf and we all love the tropical weather.

How long do you plan to stay?

Not sure yet!

What has kept you staying longer than planed?

The lifestyle for us and seeing our children so happy here.  Our three boys love surfing and skating and both of those communities here have been amazing and very accepting of our children.

How has your work changed over the years?

Yes it has. I love hairdressing and its great I can do my passion here in Bali. So now I work at the Blow Bar in Seminyak as a Cut and Colour specialist.  These types of specialists are limited in Bali so international knowledge is sort after.  Tim is happy working as a General Manager of a resort.

How have the visas changed?

Nothing has changed in that regard.  My husband is on a work visa as am I and our children are on ‘dependent’ visas.

Where are you living in Bali and why?

We live in a beautiful villa in the Umulas on six ara and we have a lovely garden and outdoor areas.

Describe the school life your children have:

Amazing school life in a small expat school filled with excursions and wonderful cultural exposure while at the same time still knuckling down and learning under the Cambridge curriculum. They have both an expat teacher and a local Indonesian teacher.

What is Bali life like for them outside of school?

After homework we head straight to the skate park or the surf and for my five year-old daughter Kitty she enjoys dancing lessons. Then there is always swimming until the sun goes down.

What are you enjoying most whilst living here?

The outdoor lifestyle and having help so that we can spend quality time as a family.

What do you miss back home?


What changes have you seen in the few years you have lived on the island?

The residential areas are being transformed into tourist areas and because of this the cost of living is increasing.

Last time you described Bali in three words – ‘Friends, Family and Freedom’ – is that still the case? Any other words you have to describe Bali?

Absolutely.  Other words to add this time would be opportunities and frustration.

A lot of people are looking at changing up their life and moving to places like Bali, even for a short amount of time, what recommendations do you have for them?

Do your homework and talk to people who have lived it.  Social media only tells the good times.  If it’s your dream, don’t let anyone tell you it’s impossible.

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