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I was introduced to a Vedic Meditation teacher by a friend who also moved to Bali around the same time as we did. She had gone through this teacher’s course at the Bondi Meditation Centre a few years ago and highly recommended it. It sounded interesting and she connected us together because he was doing a course in Bali in May and it would be a great opportunity to try it.

As it turned out it was great timing because it became my birthday present and I was lucky enough to attend his small group Vedic Meditation course held every evening for a week in a gorgeous villa about 20 minutes from our house. My teacher Matt Ringrose was awesome! He was so passionate, knowledgeable and understanding. I felt very comfortable with him and was glad he was guiding me through the course. He is always there to listen and help and you can contact him after the course whenever you need advice or assistance.

The first night we were taught a little bit about what Vedic meditation is and what to expect over the week. The second day of the course we had a puja ceremony which was a one on one session where we were asked to bring a plain white hanky, three whole sweet fruits and a bunch of fresh flowers that you find beautiful to offer in gratitude for the knowledge we were about to receive. It was a lovely ceremony and this is where you are given your personal mantra. The mantra is what is repeated every time you meditate and is only known by you and your teacher. The rest of the time was spent learning how to put it into practice, doing some group meditation and lots of Q and A.

I had dabbled in a bit of meditation before, did a couple of getaways to a retreat and even tried some meditation with Liam and Demi using a children’s meditation app. And there was always some meditation during my weekly yoga classes but I never did Vedic meditation.

To get the best out of the practice, you should do it for 20+ minutes twice a day. I know it sounds like a lot but I get up extra early before everyone else and do it at 6am. The 2nd meditation gets tricky and although I aim for the afternoon, it often ends up being a few minutes before bed. Still it is better than not doing anything at all.

So my verdict on Vedic? Well it’s part of my morning routine and I intend to keep it going. So far I have done it every morning since I completed the course in May and I love how the kids know not to disturb mum when she is meditating! Is it life changing? I cant say it is but I know there are so benefits to meditate and I do feel good when I am doing it. I guess giving yourself some time out everyday can only be a good thing!

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One of my flowers from the Puja ceremony.

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