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The joys of selling online

The joys of selling online

Over the last few weeks we have been busy selling lots of different things around the house.

Some things we forgot we had, some things we weren’t sure we wanted to sell, some things we used to love and others we will be happy to get rid of!

The best for us has been selling all of this on Facebook. No commissions, sold super quickly and easy to arrange pick up and payment.

It has surprised us how quick things can be snapped up – like within a few minutes of posting!

We even sold our car by posting a message on my Facebook timeline – no CarSales and lots of test drives to worry about.


  • 12/04/2015

    We recently moved from Australia to Canada and I found it so Cathartic getting rid of our stuff. We sold our house and the new owner ended up buying some of our furniture. Our neighbours also ended up buying stuff and we also had a massive garage sale. The Garage sale took me by surprise and it was super busy. We got rid of so much and had a few things left we donated. We ended up getting our “life” into a 20 foot container. Out of all the stuff we sold I found selling the cars torture. We haven’t seen our things for several months as they sat in storage and are currently in transit via sea, initially I didn’t miss any of it but I’m now looking forward to being reunited with our things.

    Good luck with your trip and I look forward to following along!


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