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Scandinavian family living in Canggu for 9 months and avoid European winter

Profile:  Maiju, Trond & Mason
Originally from: Maiju is from Sweden, Trond & Mason are from Norway. We live together in Oslo Norway.
Arrived in Bali: Beginning of November 2021.


What made you decide to MOVE TO Bali?

Ever since our first visit in 2012, we have loved it here in Bali, and have returned every year on both vacations and longer stays. We spent our paternity/maternity leave here in Bali with Mason when he was 7 months old, and we decided then that we wanted to move to Bali for a longer period.


Where is home in Bali and why did you decide to live there?

We live in Berawa. Its mostly because its close to Masons kindergarten as well as other facilities we use on a daily basis. We both train at Crossfit Wanderlust , love to eat at I am Vegan Babe, Mervilla Bali, and Doppio Cafe. Echo beach is for surfing and chilling and it is so nice that we can take Mason there after we pick him up from kindergarten in the afternoon. Mason also loves going to Milk & Madu. For supermarkets nearby we usually go to Frestive, Canggu Station and Popular.

How long do you plan to stay in Bali?

We plan to stay until July 2022 but hopefully we can come back soon for a longer period.

How do you financially live in bali?

We saved up a fair bit of money, and I also working remotely for my company back home. 

What preschool does Mason go to? Please tell us what attracted you to the school, your research and how you are all enjoying it?

He attends The Garden Early Learning Center. We just got a good vibe when reading about the school online. We are not regretting our decision, Mason is absolutely loving it there.


The Garden Early Learning Centre Bali

what challenges have you faced settling in?

Since we spent a fair bit of time in Bali we haven’t really been having to much settling in challenges. Its been mostly Mason that was finding it harder in the beginning at the kindergarten because of the language barrier. But it took him only a few weeks, to get comfortable and now 4 months in and he speaks a lot of English and understand most.


Scandinavian family in Bali

How do you find healthcare for the family IN BALI?

We feel safe and find the healthcare here in Bali good. We actually have had to go a few times to the hospital and the local emergency room, and we find both good. BIMC hospital in Kuta provides super-fast service and speaks english. That’s usually our go to hospital when something happens. We had to go to BIMC hospital and get stitches because Mason fell and cut his eyebrow. I’ve also been to the local emergency rooms for wound treatments because I cut my toe on the reef while surfing. 


Bali penjor

Please share what Bali is like currently with the effects of COVID?

Where we live in Canggu and it doesn’t seem that COVID have had too much affect. But if you go to the tourist spots like Kuta, Seminyak, Nusa Dua, Benoa etc. you can really tell that COVID have shut down everything. 

Monkey on a ledge in Bali
Monkey on a ledge in Bali

What advice do you have for other families making the move to Bali?

If moving to Bali is something you really would like to, do it!

Its an amazing place, and you will never regret having tried living here, only that you didn’t try.


Is there anything else you would like to share that I haven’t asked?

Bali is just amazing! Since we are from Norway ,we don’t spend a lot of time outdoors because we have a long, cold and dark winters . Living here, enables us to always spend time together as a family outdoors.



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