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Austrian photographer and her 12 year old son living in Ubud since 2009

Meet: Ulrike and son Nicco
Originally from: Austria
Arrived in Bali: June 2009

Where is Home in Bali and Why did you Decide to live there?

Our home is in Ubud and I like the cooler nights here. I also have been practising yoga here for many years and I have taken the direction to specialise in Yoga photography in my business.

We have always liked Ubud and because I co-parent, I can see the advantages of my son being able to go back and forth to both his parents homes without long drives.




Please tell us about your villa and neighbourhood.

My current villa I built here in Ubud is a “set back” piece of land, so behind a compound but still part of a village(and it wasn’t the first project i have done). I have an amazing view, likely the best part of being here, which overlooks a valley and there is nothing but nature.

Building on a steep slope wasn’t easy but we did it. My 12 year old, three dogs and myself are all pretty happy with the outcome.


How long do you plan to stay in BALI?

Until my son is done with school, so that is another 5 years.  Then I will go back to Austria.

you have an amazing photography business in bali. Please share more about what it is like to work in Bali and your work routine.

One of the most fulfilling aspects of my life here in Bali is my work – UR Photography. 

My clients are from all over the globe! I have worked with roughly 70 different nationalities, many Yogis, many entrepreneurs and ALL of them amazing human beings. Each project is different because each client has a different personality, needs, ideas and so forth. So planning is key and an enjoyable part of the process. I’ve started capturing fashion as well athletic wear and some boho brands.




What is IT like being a mum in Bali and raising your son?

Being a co-parenting mom is not something you find often here.  Either you meet families or solo parents, so I am a bit of an “expat exception” I guess.

I love being a mom and I would also love to expose my son to some Austrian culture and nature more often but we’re rolling with what we have here.

We have our pool at home, grow some veggies, go to the ocean, play paddle ball and often times cook a meal together.


What have you decided to do for school in bali?

My son was at Pelangi school in Ubud for 7 years, one year at a private learning center, and next school year Nicco will go to Dyatmika.  He loves academics and can’t wait to join this school.

What would you say to families who are keen to make a move to bali but are hesitant during these times.

Well, it really depends on each person.  People who work remotely and on the computer most of the time would be happy here.

Others who dream of building a resort and want to run retreats should definitely wait out this pandemic. It’s all a matter of time.


What advice can you give to Families making the move to bali?

Really consider if you truly enjoy this way of life.  Moving to Bali can look different.

Some people just enjoy what the island has to offer from beaches to inexpensive staff and housing.  Others appreciate Balinese traditions and enjoy connecting with the locals. It’s not as easy as it might sound to dive into this culture since it’s complex and even complicated. Ask yourself if you truly want be here and try it out for a few months. Take in all the sounds (nature, humans, music, etc), smells, tastes and of course places.

A vacation is always going to be different from living in a place.



Is there anything else you would like to share that I haven’t asked?


Don’t forget that giving up the seasons may not be appealing in the long run and flying home two or three times a year is really bad for the environment.

So moving to Bali needs to be a smart decision and I recommend making a list with categories with all the pros and cons in (both and more) countries that may be an option. Look at things like:

  • Climate
  • Cost of Living
  • Social aspects (family, friends, etc)
  • Language
  • Opportunities and so forth

Thank you Ulrike for sharing your life with the Our Year in Bali community. To find out more aboutUlrike please visit her website and follow her on Instagram.


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