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Pro Education School is expanding horizons with a new world-class campus in Nuanu Bali

Pro Education, a private and internationally-accredited school in Bali, has been synonymous with academic excellence for years. 

It has earned a reputation for offering personalised education that focuses on each student’s individual needs thanks to its high teacher-student ratio, small classrooms, customised timetables, and exceptional support services. This student-centred approach allows the school to get to know each student’s unique qualities and cater to those by customising their school day and by providing the unique support they will benefit from. With a wide range of onsite specialists, including a Speech and Language Therapist, an Occupational Therapist and a Counsellor, Pro Education offers unprecedented support to its students and aims to integrate therapy into the classroom as much as possible.

Now, Pro Education is proud to announce the launch of a new, world-class campus in Nuanu, Bali, expanding its reach beyond the original Umulas campus to provide further opportunities for motivated students to access world-class programs and teaching methodologies.

The NEW Pro Education Nuanu campus is part of the innovative and sustainable co-living project – Nuanu – that will open in August 2023. It is situated in the Tabanan regency, a haven of serenity that stretches along the western Balinese coastline and is renowned for its pristine natural scenery, lush rice paddies, and UNESCO recognized tea plantations. The Nuanu project aims to explore new ways to connect with others and nature through regenerative technologies and sustainable architecture. It brings together leading experts and innovators from various fields, such as engineering, architecture, science, sociology, environmentalism, and art, to form a community of like-minded people who aim to re-imagine the current system. Education is the project’s crown jewel is education, which it believes to hold the key to creating a brighter future for all generations. 


Pro Ed Nuanu - Outdoor

Nuanu Pro Education campus is set upon 7000m2 of land and surrounded by exquisite natural beauty, with two majestic rivers and 184 metres of ocean bluffs. It offers a unique educational experience that focuses on green initiatives, including giving back to local communities and minimising carbon footprint. ProEd Nuanu features weather-proof glamping tents, providing an eco-friendly alternative to traditional concrete or bamboo buildings. The relaxed atmosphere and increased green space help to reduce anxiety and enhance your child’s focus. Facilities at the Pro Education Nuanu include a sports ground for soccer and basketball, an amphitheatre, a music venue, and a library. This campus welcomes a maximum of 168 students to maintain a 1:7 student/teacher ratio, ensuring  each student the necessary amount of support at all times.

The Pro Education Umalas campus, nestled between Seminyak and Canggu, is the school’s original campus. The Umalas area is full of picturesque rice paddies and pockets of verdant jungle, offering an inspiring learning environment. The campus is tucked away from the heavily congested roads, yet strategically close to surrounding infrastructure and modern conveniences. This setting provides students with a peaceful atmosphere that enhances their focus and concentration. The campus boasts an array of facilities, including a pool, art room, IT resource centre, innovative classrooms, and a library. It spreads over 6700m2 of land and will soon transform an additional 1700m2 into green spaces for sports and recreational activities. 

ProEd Umalas has a maximum capacity of 265 students, with a 1:6 teacher-student ratio, ensuring that each student receives the personalised attention and assistance they need to succeed.


Pro Education Diversity and InclusivityProEducation offering a wide range of extra curricular activities


Another point that sets Pro Education apart is the top-notch education experience it delivers thanks to an exceptional team of national and international teachers who are trained in effective communication, student well-being, and who participate in ongoing professional development programs. Pro Education uses an innovative and interactive approach to teaching that instils a love for learning in each student. Its program follows the highly regarded British Curriculum and focuses on building key skills that prepare students for success in both further education and employment. To accomplish this, children are internationally accredited through EdExcel, the Primary School Achievement Test, IGCSE, and A Levels. 

Pro Education values inclusivity and provides a highly-targeted educational framework for children with additional needs, called the Towards Independence program. It is designed to help children develop life skills and complete accredited courses, such as the internationally recognised ASDAN curriculum, at a pace that suits their specific needs. Pro Education’s team of Special Educational Needs and Disability Coordinators advocates for students with additional needs and facilitates their personalised growth and integration. The school knows that every student can succeed with the right support and encouragement.

All in all, ProEd’s expansion is a game-changer for education in Bali. With a new campus on the horizon, it is set to provide an even more personalised and inclusive learning experience that will help each student reach their full potential. Whether it’s the serene and picturesque environment of Umalas or the innovative and eco-friendly approach of Nuanu, Pro Education offers an enriching experience that students will cherish for years to come. 

ProEducation Nuanu enrolment details:

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