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Today we had a lovely long picnic with our friends at Centennial Park. It was a “Farewell Picnic” so we could have one one last catch up before we head off in 3 weeks time. It was also the chance for the kids to hand out their “Keep in touch” cards. They had lots of fun playing hide n seek, soccer, bubbles, and scootering. We also tested out the new GoPro camera too!

School finishes next Wednesday and then it will be busy times packing everything in boxes and cleaning up the kids rooms.

This time last year we were getting ready for our 3 week holiday in Bali and now (although very hard to believe) we are getting ready for a 52 week one!

A lot of people are surprised we are literally bringing whatever fits into four big suitcases and four carry on suitcases – that is it! Everything else will be taken away into storage the day before we leave and the last night we are in Sydney we will stay in an airport hotel.

Five hours of picnicking later and we have one exhausted child…

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