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Our NEXT year in Bali

Yes that is right!!! We will be living here next year so technically we should change this blog to ‘Our years in Bali’.

This year has gone by super fast! Sure we miss our friends and family back home but we are all very happy here and there is so much more to experience!

It is our first time living as ‘expats’ and the children have never lived anywhere other than the one house back home. So we have all had a bit of a ‘culture shock’ at times but what an wonderful experience and an adventure so far. The beauty and culture here is amazing to immerse yourself in and we are enjoying learning the local language too.

Life is so different to back in Sydney on so many levels as I am sure you can all imagine. Even if you have been here on holiday it is still very different to living here.

Every day you learn and discover something new, challenge yourself, try new things, meet interesting people from different backgrounds and enjoy being with the locals and learning their way of life.

The kids are also very happy at school and are keen to do another year. Next year we know Demi will get Liam’s fun and passionate teacher and Liam will also have another wonderful teacher.

Thank you for following our journey so far and look forward to sharing more adventures with you.


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