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Meet the Cutler family living in Seminyak, Bali

So who am I talking to?


Profile: Danielle, husband Paul, sons Mitchell (10) and Jay (9)

Originally from: Northern Beaches, Sydney, Australia

Arrived in Bali: July 2016

Home in Bali is: Seminyak

How long do you plan to stay: depends on my husband’s job but at this stage until the end of next year.

What made you move to Bali? My husband is a Sales and Marketing Specialist for Hotels and Resorts and he was given the opportunity to work at a five star hotel in Bali. At first I was unsure of this big move but my family were so supportive and saw what a great chance this was for us to experience a new adventure.

What do you normally do back in Australia?

I work as a part time receptionist at a medical centre.

What is a typical day here for you and your two children?

I do school drop off then grocery shopping, a yoga or gym class and then its time for a quick cup of tea and back to school! The other day I had my cuppa whilst in the swimming pool! It is so hot here but I can’t miss my afternoon tea! We live about 5 minutes from school which is wonderful as the Bali traffic can be crazy. It is an earlier school day here 8am to 2:15pm. Some afternoons we do drama, soccer and swimming lessons too.


Tell us about your food experiences living here.

I am obsessed with young coconuts and I try and have one everyday! I am also happy that you can get great coffee here too. I love the fresh, healthy salads I can get for lunch. The variety and quality is amazing. The prices for dishes are very affordable compared to back in Sydney. I love trying new things like the other day I had turmeric juice and a coconut milk latte.

Mamasan is our a favourite restaurant in Seminyak. It has stunning food, beautiful atmosphere and for the fraction of the price in Sydney.

What do you think about the locals?

The locals are very friendly, great with the kids and I am surprised at how well they speak English. They are also so helpful for example the other day our electricity cut out at 3:30am and after chatting to a security man it was fixed 5 minutes later!

I am also in awe of how they don’t waste anything, coming from a disposable country we should really learn a lot from them too.

What are you enjoying most whilst living here?

Having a coconut everyday! Seriously, the lifestyle and experience is so different to back home it has been a great adventure for the whole family. I also love looking at the rice fields.

What have you least enjoyed so far?

Seeing all the rubbish, stray dogs and how unclean the beaches can be.

What do you miss back home?

Family and friends, the clean environment, Coles, Woolies and the four seasons!

Have you experienced any “culture shock’?

We have found lots of things to be so different. The traffic and seeing hundreds of motorbikes with such lack of safety. I think it is hilarious how they ride on the footpaths! Seeing ceremonies everyday and the Balinese simple way of life.

How has it been being part of an expat community?

I don’t feel there is an expat community here which is very disappointing. The school community is good but it is a small school and it is generally hard to meet new people.

What is the best thing you have done while you have lived here?

There isn’t just one thing, I feel just having more free time in general. We are able to afford having our house cleaned and laundry done so these are things that free up time and give us more time with the family.


If you had to describe Bali in three words what would it be?

A sunlover’s heaven.


What tips do you have to those looking at making the move to Bali: 

  • Go with an open mind because it is so different to back home.
  • Learn the basics of the local language; Bahasa Indonesia.
  • Be respectful to the local culture and remember you are the visitor.

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