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Visiting LUSH North BALI – munduk and beyond

For these school holidays we thought we would do a ‘tree change’ and discover the lush green mountains of North Bali.

About 2.5 hours north of Kerobokan you first reach the mountains of Munduk and the landscape is lush green forests and fields of flowers. The same gorgeous flowers I see at my local markets every week. Trekking is also very popular here amongst the hills to hidden villages, the two main waterfalls and a coffee and cocoa plantation.

We did a stop over at the Munduk Moding Plantation and this place is famous for one of the best infinity pools in Asia. I can agree! This pool overlooks the mountains and it looks like you are swimming in the clouds! From the plantation we each did a horse ride around the local neighborhood saying hi to smiling children, passing fields of flowers, roosters, unusual forests, schools, local shops and houses, plantations and veggie farms. It had the familiar Bali life we are used to seeing but with a small village feel.

Before leaving we had a lesson in kite making in this beautiful Bamboo structure. The instructor made the kite using corn paper and thin sticks. We brought the kite back home and look forward to trying it out.

Another 40 mins later and we arrived at the Sanak Retreat. I learnt the word SANAK translates to ‘Kindred/ Kinfolk- one’s family’ and this was the perfect getaway for our family! We had a mini coconut welcome drink and then went to our gorgeous two bedroom, two story wooden bungalow. Of which we were informed to enjoy the one balcony for sunrise overlooking the rice fields and the opposite balcony for sunsets overlooking the swimming pool and mountains.

Up in the mountains we enjoyed a cooler climate and wore jackets at night for the first time in 9 months! We also slept under fans and no air conditioning!

Later that afternoon, the retreat run an Ecobrick initiative down by the small river. An Ecobrick is a plastic bottle stuffed solid with non-biological waste to create a reusable building block.  Liam and Demi were very excited to join in and help make Ecobricks with the staff who collect local rubbish and wash it in the freshwater river and recycle it by stuffing plastic bottles to make furniture. I asked one of the staff running the activity what they were planning to do and he said they hoped to make a table very soon. This was great for Liam and Demi to see the real thing in action as they had learnt all about Ecobricks at school.

It is lovely listening to the sound of nature as you fall asleep at night and you cant beat a mountain view to wake up to in the morning. The rainy season has made everything so lush and I couldn’t stop taking photos it was so beautiful!

The 2nd day there was heavy rain for most of the day, which meant playing games and chilling in our bungalow and family massages. Early that evening Demi and another young guest got to learn Balinese dancing from very friendly local girls who come and visit the retreat once a week. Dressed up in traditional skirts and dancing in light rain against the mystical mountain setting was so very special to watch.

After two relaxing nights we headed back home and on the way stopped at the popular Munduk Waterfall. Our first waterfall in Bali! We took a local guide who walked us through a forest for about 15 mins until we reached the strong flowing waterfall. Freezing water and rocks didn’t make it that inviting but we took a few pics that of course didn’t turn out with how wet and windy the place was!

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