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Expat Insights: Enduring Connection with Bali, raising boys born in Bali, and the Birth of Bali Gymnastics

In this interview, Patricia shares her insights into the expat experience, her motivations for moving to Bali, and the transformative impact the island has had on her personal and professional life. From bringing gymnastics to Bali to embracing local customs and traditions, Patricia provides a rich tapestry of experiences and advice for families considering a move to this vibrant island.

Join us as we delve into the intricate journey of an expat who has found a unique blend of fulfillment and challenges in the enchanting landscapes of Bali.

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and where you are originally from?

My name is Patricia Kincaid. I was born in the USA but grew up in England due to two nationalised parents.

After schooling in England and some fun work experience working with horses, I got into modelling. I traveled quite a lot but loved working in Tokyo. I came to Bali from Tokyo originally for a vacation with friends.

Within 9 months, I came back and decided to stay that was in 1995. I married and had two sons. And dabbled in designing and fashion exports. We owned a shop and garment factory. In 2007, both my children attended Canggu School, where I assisted with after-school activities. I decided to teach a small gymnastics class, and it gained popularity rapidly.

Soon, I was teaching 3 classes a week. Within 3 years, I was taught every day at the Canggu club AKA Finns Recreation club. In 2016, I went to work at Wanderlust Fitness Village (then called Canggu Fitness). I’ve also taught in Ubud and Bingin for a number of years.

These days, Bali gymnastics is based in Canggu and Ubud. Yet our gymnastics experience is quite different from most gymnastics clubs. We also explore the island, the great outdoors. We emmerse ourselves in nature. And learn about its importance especially for our well-being… in my experience, the kids are happier in nature.

Where in Bali do you currently live, and what made you choose that location?

I live in Pererenan, yet I travel to Ubud every week. So I feel like I’m from both places. I’ve also lived in Seminyak and Umalas. Pererenan is close to Canggu but still a lot quieter. It was very quiet when I first moved to Pererenan in 2014.

What was the schooling experience like for your children, and how has raising a family in Bali been for you?

Both of my kids have been to school and have also been home-schooled. Home schooling is great because even though you teach them how to read and do maths, you also get to teach them life skills and allow them to cultivate their passion and go with that.

My kids are both incredibly self-sufficient and know what they love to do. Both were born in Bali. My eldest Jayden is in college in Melbourne and is also an artist…

He is my main coach. He is a brilliant coach and really good with the kids. My youngest son Jayah is a weightlifter and designer running his own 3D model design shop business.

Over 10 years ago, you brought gymnastics to Bali! Please share the journey and what can families expect if they are keen to do gymnastics in Bali?

Bali gymnastics was developed slowly over a period of 15 years. I have designed my classes around all that I have been personally interested in while living here in Bali.

My interest in holistic living and exploring healing practices and activities as well as physical fitness were incorporated into our artistic gymnastics practices. All that I have experienced was added to create “Bali gymnastics.”

Bali gymnastics for ages 5-15, is a blend of Qigong activation, yinyoga, spinal release and activation, animal flow, creative running, artistic gymnastics limbering warm ups and body conditioning, acro yoga, oneness and unity mindfulness practices, visualisation meditation and breath work.

These are practiced alongside our gymnastics skills, drills, and gymnastics flow displays.

Additionally, we have taken our gymnasts outdoors. We go on breathtaking journeys to waterfalls jungles and rice terraces. We have a jungle sleepover , and the kids are encouraged to fully express themselves and bond as great friends and team mates.

I believe that it takes a village to bring up kids. Here in Bali, we’re often here without our families to help. So I do all I can to provide a safe place with firm yet compassionate care for you to entrust your child to grow in.

Bali gymnastics is a lifestyle and not a competition. We nurture, and we provide health and well-being as well as fitness for an overall wellness class for your child. And memories that will last a lifetime. And coming soon, Bali gymnastics wellness retreats. For young ladies. I believe that the most power of calming and healing techniques is simple walking and being in nature, breathing fresh air and drinking clean live water.

Bali gymnastics

How has living in Bali influenced your personal and professional life, and what opportunities have you found here?

I’ve had all sorts of ups and downs living here. I have experienced some awful life changing atrocities and incredible blessings as well.

I believe that in order for life to be fulfilled,  there needs to be some struggles. Then, we can be grateful for all the blessings we have. And be able to cope in difficult times. Bali is a great teacher. We learn patience balance and grounding here… there is always duality in everything.. so if we are patient and practice our meditations, we can keep our minds calm in difficult times.

I believe Bali is still teaching me all the time. I worship the land here. I feel very connected. I feel Bali gymnastics is an extension of myself.

Bali Gymnastics at Titi Batu Ubud

How have you adapted to the local customs and traditions in Bali, and what have you learned from the experience?

I’ve really adapted. I feel local already, and my accent is local. When I go anywhere, the locals are so warm and accepting of me and are so happy to hear my accent and dialect are very similar to theirs. Bahasa spoken  by Balinese, I mean. When I go to Sumatra, they don’t understand my accent and say that I have a balinese accent!

I love  their traditions and get involved. I have been studying Hinduism as well as Islam for many years. I also really love Rastafari and Buddhism.. both are so fascinating.

Balinese statue in jungle

How do you see Bali evolving and changing in the future, and what impact do you think this will have on expats living here?

Honestly, the south side going towards the west in Balian will be full to the brim of tourism by 2028.

I believe that the best part of Bali is definitely the mountains where nothing has changed. But I can’t say for sure how long that will be for. The mountains hold so much true Bali magic and I hope they wont change.

Trish in flower fields

What would you say is the best thing about living in Bali?

Bringing my sons up here, teaching kids from all around the world helping to round them.

Meeting so many cool, interesting people. Experiencing any profession that I am fully passionate about.. the weather, and beaches, the art in the sky every evening, the food the nature and beautiful hearts of the people. The artistic traditions and spirituality.

I feel so blessed to have been here to experience Bali in her many life times and feel grateful for all my epiphanies life lessons and enlightenment. Bali is precious and must be treated as such. It saddens me deeply watching the rice fields disappear to awfully design modern architecture. Replacing beautiful birds with buildings is heartbreaking.

I go to the mountains frequently to remind myself of what Bali is. Bali is a mysterious mystical and magical teacher… I for one have been an attentive student.

Balinese lady with basket on her head

What advice would you give to other families who are considering a move to Bali?

Go out of the busy areas and to somewhere quiet frequently and bring your children into nature regularly. I love the beaches but the mountains and waterfalls are so tranquil and restful and it’s a lot cooler .. it can get very hot.

Enjoy your time. Remember her traditions and beauty in difficult times.

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