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European travelling family have a natural birth at Bumi Sehat in Ubud

In this interview, we speak with a content creator and hotel reviewer, known as on Instagram.

Originally from Germany, Jasmin now travels and lives in various countries with her Irish husband and their 5-year-old son. The family’s expat lifestyle is often influenced by her husband’s work in international schools. With a passion for sharing family-friendly accommodations and travel adventures with her child, she has created a vibrant online presence through creating

Jasmin recounts her experiences in Bali, including the decision to have a natural birth at the renowned birthing centre @bumisehatbali in Ubud and the subsequent prenatal and postnatal experiences. She also shares insights into the #familytravel community she has built on Instagram and offers advice to families considering a move to Bali.

Meet: Jasmin

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself? Where are you originally from?

I am originally from Germany,  my husband is Irish and we have a 5 year old son, who was born in Bali.  I’m a content creator/ hotel reviewer on Instagram and travel/ live in lots of different countries. My husband works in international schools which is often the reason for our expat life. Hence I started just doing my own business online, so I can take it anywhere with me once it’s time to move on. I love posting about family friendly accommodations and my travel adventures with my kid. Currently we are living in Egypt and our next stop might be Guatemala.

When did you first arrive in Bali, and what brought you here?

Our very first time was on a holiday during 2015 while I was working for an airline company and I had free flights to anywhere in the world and we chose Bali to visit. 2 years later we ended up living in Sumbawa, as my husband got a job offer there with an international company. However hospitals are not that great on that island and I was about to give birth so I had to choose between giving birth in Singapore in a ” normal” hospital or giving birth in Bali in a natural birthing center.

European couple on holiday in Bali

What motivated you to move to Bali, and how did you go about making the decision to do so?

I wanted to have a natural Birth and Bali was a great option for this. Of course I researched all my different options and I decided that Bumi Sehat birthing clinic in Ubud was the way to go. Shortly after giving birth we decided to stay and my husband searched and found a job in Bali. We decided to stay because we just loved life here.

Where in Bali did you live, and what made you choose that location?

We resided in Sanur when we were there for about 1 year. We chose Sanur as it was considered more family friendly and quieter. Also it was close to my husband’s work.

Father and son in Bali in pool

You decided to have your baby in Bali. Please share your prenatal and post-natal experiences living in Bali and why you chose Bali to give birth.

My Pre- natal experience was amazing at Bumi Sehat . I stayed at the birthing house just beside the house of the midwife that founded this amazing place. I had my own room in a big beautiful house with other women that were about to give birth and midwifes/ doulas that were in Bali volunteering their services. Hence I felt very looked after and at peace. There were weekly checks at the clinic (no ultrasounds), just checks with theirs hands. The midwives here are so experienced they don’t even need to use ultrasounds to know whats going on with the baby.

There was weekly yoga for pregnant mums, massages and acupuncture available. The most amazing prenatal experience.

Post-natal was also fine in Bali. I actually got the vaccinations for the baby in a “normal” hospital as they do them at Bumi Sehat.

However pre-natal and actual birth was better than I could ever imagine at this place. Everything was natural and beautiful. We kept the placenta attached for 24 hours and then buried it with an avocado tree. My boy is now 5 and is a very healthy and strong kid.

What advice would you give to future families considering having their baby in Bali?

If you are in favour of a natural Birth, Bumi Sehat is one of the top places in the world. You also pay for it with a donation, so you give what you can. If you don’t have much money like for local women for example it’s very affordable or even free whereas for foreigners moving here you would of course be expected to pay more, which is of course totally fair I think. If you are more interested in having a hospital birth I’m not sure if Bali is a great place for that. There are very high cesarean rates in Indonesia, which I personally would not be a fan of. However this really depends on personal preference.

Expat mum and baby son riding scooter

You have created this wonderful tribe #familytravel community – please tell us more about it and how can people join?

It’s a community page on Instagram called and it’s a virtual place where like-minded families can connect with each other and sometimes even in real life when/ if the opportunity arrises. Sometimes it can be lonely when you travel a lot or you are moving to a new country. You search to find like-minded people around you, that also have kids. This is the reason I created this community as I myself found myself looking for ” my tribe” . I introduce new families on the feed on a daily basis and repost inspiring posts with regards to family travel and tips, once has been tagged. You can join the community by simply following the page and get featured by sending me a DM.

What would you say is the best thing about living in Bali?

For me I loved the cafe culture and vegan food available. The amazing beaches and nightlife.

The general atmosphere of Bali and the large expat / Digital Nomad culture as I’m a digital nomad myself.

Mother and son in Bali nature

What advice would you give to other families who are considering a move to Bali?

Go for it. It’s an amazing place to live especially if you have kids. It’s very child-friendly and a safe place to bring up a family.

Mother and Son in Bali ricef

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