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Demi’s Bollywood Birthday!

Dreams do come true! For a very long time Demi has spoken about how she would love to get henna and dress up like a Bollywood dancer – well today it happened!

I always said Bali might be the place to get it and it turned out I was right. With luck on our side we got put in touch with a professional dancer who could perform Indian dancing and had friends who could make a party and do amazing henna.

Demi invited the girls from her new school and we all had the best time ever. The dancers came and decorated the place including the words ‘HBD Demi’ written in flowers in our garden!

Demi was made up beautifully in her purple sari and had make up (Demi was surprised I allowed her!), flowers, jewellery and a very long hair piece. Then came the henna on both hands and feet – wow!

All her friends got to dress up in saris and jewellery and have henna on their hands.

Three dancers performed a show for us and then Demi  got up to join in a song and was the star!

After some Indian dancing with her friends, they swam and had birthday cake. What a day! What a party!

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