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Dear Mum and Dad

Dear Mum and Dad

…thank you so so much for organsing this amazing and incredbl edvencher for the famaly with you mony…. from our six year old daughter 

A few months ago we told our children about next year’s plan and after the initial discussions it has been pretty quiet. Only now are we talking about it again because we are cleaning up the house. 

They are both super excited and have great memories of our summer holiday in Bali so it is not a foreign concept except the idea of going to school and not knowing anyone is making them a little nervous and asking questions. They were also making sure people spoke English and asked how they can communicate with their classmates if they don’t speak English.

The other night our 6 yr old daughter who loves to draw and make things gave us the most beautiful card saying how much she appreciates what we are doing for the family next year! AMAZING – only 6 and already understands the enormity and opportunity we are giving them.

You have to read the words – and the many thanks we received! It is too cute, so thoughtful and kind. It is a keeper!

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