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A walk around our garden

Walking around our garden you can see some wonderful plants, flowers and our Balinese offering.

Early morning and late in the evening we get a visit from two frogs who like to pop up on our verandah. Then there are the very loud geckos we can always hear and watch as they chase each other up and down the walls. Speaking of  loud noises, the last week we have heard some loud footstep sounds on parts of our roof that are probably Komodo dragons!

Next are dragonflies and butterflies! The butterflies are all different sizes and colours and we tried to nurse an injured one the other day 🙁

One thing we will never get used to are the mosquitoes …. oh yes we are going through the buy spray!

From our garden you can see kites flying very high and the other day one fell down in our garden!

Three times a day – 6am, 12pm and then 6pm you can hear the local Banjar singing the daily prayers.

The other weekend we bought a bamboo wind chime from a great market in the mountains which now adds to the mix of our garden sounds!

Apart from the lovely flowers in our garden, we buy flowers at the local market and Demi loves to make her own floral decorations for the dinning table.

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