A great follow up interview with Sheila from Bali Interiors to catch up on life during COVID with her family in Bali. Meet Sheila From Bali Interiors Living In Echo Beach Canggu We were looking for a new adventure and a friend told us how great the Green School would be for our kids. Life at the Green School Bali for five years with three kids! We can help with the practicalities, living expenses, family budget, visas, contacts and the list goes on. How can you help me move to Bali? We talk to Bali Buddies about home schooling, living in Sanur during COVID, pros and cons of bali life and much more. The rise of the temporary expat in 2021
Many families want to move to Bali but are hesitant if they should bring their very young children. Hygiene, safety, transport and health care are at the top of the list. Should I live in Bali with my baby?
Having a gap year was a dream come true and I cant recommend it enough! Why not make 2021 your family gap year and use our consulting service. Could Bali be your gap year or sabbatical year?

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