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Learn how to live your best Bali life

The most comprehensive relocation service available for expats.


What visa do I need to live in Bali?

We break down the different visas you can apply for using our service.


Finding the best schools in Bali

Your go-to Bali education guide.
Discover international style schools, nature-based schools, child-care and nurseries.


Could I retire in Bali?

We help you navigate life in Bali.
We can assist with housing, retirement visa, transport, insurance, banking and so much more.

Live your Dream Bali life now.

Congratulations on embarking on this exciting journey!

Having moved with our family and business, we understand the challenges of relocating to Bali.

We’ve taken into account every aspect to simplify your move and ensure a smooth transition.

We will help you to:

  • Secure the appropriate visa for work and life in Bali.
  • Choose the best area to live and find your home.
  • Advise and introduce you to a great range of schools and education.
  • Navigate Bali’s healthcare system, including travel and health insurance for expats, and what to do when you get sick.
  • Understand the cost of living in Bali…..and that is just the start!

Experience peace of mind with a hassle-free journey, saving significant time and money along the way!




Book a free 30 min video call to receive Bali relocation guidance: realistic expectations, expert advice, and confidence-boosting answers to your questions on moving and living.


Choose between the Bronze, Silver or Gold package that is thoroughly designed to cover every aspect of your move. These packages offer invaluable on-the-ground insights and allow you to benefit from years of experience, ultimately saving you substantial time.


Delve into the comprehensive package materials for thorough preparation and a valuable reference during your time in Bali. Gain introductions and access to the best businesses and essential contacts, ensuring a seamless and confident experience.


Join over 500 families worldwide who've discovered an incredible lifestyle in Bali using our relocation content and support packages.

Choose your package


Thoroughly designed guides, checklists, spreadsheet and resources for a seamless move, covering every aspect to save time and money.

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In addition to the comprehensive content offered in the Bronze package, we provide access to our handpicked suppliers and business recommendations to ensure exceptional customer service and reliability. This reflects our extensive experience and trusted partnerships. Personalised introductions are made to foster success.

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Combining the Bronze and Silver packages this upgrade gives you personalised support to enhance your overall experience.

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Housing + Investment

Visa + Business

Healthcare + Safety

School + Education

Cost of living

We are passionate about the exciting life Bali can offer.

Our commitment is to ensure you feel safe and prepared so you can fully embrace your new island life as if you’ve been a part of it for years!

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the best place to live?

Bali’s size requires hours for coast-to-coast travel. Diverse regions cater to various preferences, with a strong expat community. South Bali is the main area that expats enjoy living, and this includes the regions of Badung, Giyanar, and Denpasar.

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Does Bali offer International Schools?

In the well-known expat communities, you’ll come across international early learning centres and primary schools and high schools designed for children aged six to 18 years old. Schools such as Australian independent School, Bali Island School, Canggu Community School , ProEducation Global and the Green School are a few to name.

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What curriculum is taught in Bali?

Schools offer a diverse range of curricula, incorporating combinations like the National Indonesian curriculum along with others such as the British Cambridge System, International Baccalaureate (IB), Australian, Montessori, The Green School Way, Steiner, Finnish, and Reggio-Emilia Inspired Nature-Based systems.

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What nature-based schools are there in Bali?

Bali offers such exciting opportunities when it comes to learning in nature and to create passionate and curious, life-long learners. Imagine having rice fields as part of your campus and backdrop!

You are spoilt for choice when it comes to finding a nature school as they are purpose built to be in harmony with nature. You may have heard of the Green School – welcome to learning in the jungle!

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Can you help me find the best school?

Drawing on extensive experience in Bali education, we specialize in helping families find optimal school solutions for children across age groups, from toddlers to high school students. Through routine school inspections and strong connections with school leaders, we provide comprehensive advice and guidance, detailed in our school and education guide.

Moreover, we offer essential contacts and introductions to school principals and enrollment processes, accompanied by a Google map showcasing over 50 school locations in Bali. This empowers families to make well-informed decisions about their children’s education.

Our services extend to providing advice and connections with various educational options, including international schools, nature-based schools, and smaller home schools.  School fees typically range from $3,000 to $20,000 USD per year, depending on the child’s age and grade level and we recognise the individual family education budget.

Additionally, we can explore alternative education options such as study groups, distance education, tutors, and nannies to cater to diverse educational needs.

What is the cost of living?

Bali’s unique appeal lies in its diverse lifestyle budgets, offering an affordable living experience despite being among the pricier South Asian destinations. Addressing the common query about budget sufficiency, it’s challenging to provide a precise answer due to individual lifestyle differences. Factors influencing costs include housing style and location, lease duration, insurance, visa choices, recreational activities, grocery preferences, transportation mode, schooling options, and more. To accurately budget for living in Bali, it’s crucial to consider these factors, recognizing that short-term stays differ significantly from longer-term commitments.

We provide an up-to-date cost of living excel spreadsheet in Our Bronze package to ensure you don’t miss the small costs, hidden expenses, what the salary costs are for Balinese staff (including  the required bonus) and more insights. Plus it is a great tool for budgeting.

What visa should we be on?

For those looking to stay longer than 60 days, the B211A single entry tourist visa is a great option as it allows you to stay in Indonesia for 180 days. If you want to stay longer, opening a business is another way which gives you a 2 year multiple entry temporary permit with allowances to sponsor the family.

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Is it easy to find work in Bali?

Finding work in Bali can be challenging, especially if you’re not fluent in Bahasa Indonesia and havent had previous work experience in South East Asia.

Many expats work remotely or start their own businesses. It’s advisable to secure employment or income sources before relocating.

You may be able to source jobs via social media, networking or recruitment agencies.

Working with our services puts you in contact with a leading recruitment agency based in Canggu.

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How can I retire in Bali?

Firstly you need to see if you are aplicable for the Retirement visa (which are not able to work on). This visa is for those aged 60 and above, providing a one-year visa with renewals.

There are a number of requirements that need to be met such a lease contract for a minimum of 12 months and a copy of the owner’s ID card, hiring local staff, and health insurance.

Benefits include access to opening a bank account, local insurance, import privileges, and lifestyle discounts, purchasing a car or scooter.

If you are younger than 60 years of age, and still wish to retire, there are other alternative visas to persue.

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How can I open a business in Bali?

Establishing a business in Bali requires careful planning and cultural awareness, with a focus on understanding the local business landscape and choosing the right structure. Success extends beyond legal and financial considerations, emphasizing the importance of respecting Balinese culture for positive community relationships. Partnering with recommended business consultancies offers expert guidance on various aspects, including setup, acquisitions, investments, accounting, and legal services. Additionally, a recommended law firm provides comprehensive assistance, covering areas such as PT PMA setup, real estate, immigration, family, contractual, and labor law.

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What is healthcare like and is it safe to live in Bali?

Bali boasts a healthcare system that often rivals or surpasses the services you find back in your home country. However, health insurance is a must and your policy should always include “Emergency evacuation or repatriation” coverage.

Doctor and dentist visits are very affordable, making it convenient for expats to access quality care. The island offers a wide range of medical centres, 24/7 clinics, and international standard hospitals, all staffed with skilled professionals.

The added bonus? Making doctor appointments can be made via WhatsApp message or through a hospital app. Doctors can make affordable home visits, ensuring you receive the care you need, even from the comfort of your own home.

Residing in Bali offers the opportunity to immerse oneself in a peaceful Hindu culture. Nonetheless, you need to be vigilant with the presence of petty crime and various scams.

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What is the best way to get around Bali?

Bali offers diverse transportation choices, from taxis, Go Jek, and Grab to renting or buying scooters, motorbikes, or cars. Navigating the unique challenges of driving in Bali, such as road closures for ceremonies and unpredictable conditions, requires understanding the distances and travel times.

Despite motorbikes’ quicker commute times, traffic jams are common, causing extensive delays.

Our services assist expats in securing transport options, obtaining Travel and Health insurance, local licenses, and providing extensive tips and advice for living in Bali.

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Can I bring my dog or cat to Bali?

Be aware from a legal point of view, dog and cats can be accepted into Jakarta, Indonesia (with an Indonesian permit). However, it is prohibited to transport dogs or cats to or from Bali, as a measure to manage the spread of rabies in Indonesia.

That being said, while acknowledging the existence of a grey area, it is possible to do a relocation with our highly reliable and internationally certified pet relocation company.

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