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Can I Bring My Dog To Bali?

Can I bring my dog to Bali?

Can I Bring My Dog To Bali?

Can I bring my dog with me to Bali? Is a popular question I often get asked. Technically speaking it is illegal to bring dogs in or out of Bali. Having said that, there are pet transportation companies that can make it happen. It is a grey area and I would strongly advise to consider other options before embarking on such a journey. Not only is it a very expensive exercise but it is hard on your dog to go through.

You will also have to consider the regulations of the receiving country if you decide to leave Bali and want to bring your dog back home. For example, when moving back to Australia, the animal needs to fly to Malaysia or Singapore or another rabies free country that will accept them and quarantine for 2-3 months (sometimes longer). This quarantine can happen either in a kennel or some owners will rent a place to live with the dogs. The dogs don’t need to be in a facility per se, but need to have spent a certain amount of time in a rabies free country before entering Australia. Then once in Australia (usually first Sydney or Melbourne) the animal needs to quarantine for a further amount of time. As you can see, it is super traumatic for the dog and the owner. 

I have spoken to families who after finding this out decide not to move to Bali and others who find a friend or family member to look after their dog. So if you still wish to bring your pet to Bali and it is a non- negotiable, then please get in touch with me so I can share my reliable and trust-worthy relocation specialist who can organise pet transportation.

When it comes to Bali dogs, did you know the ‘Bali dog’ is a breed, not just a dog that lives in Bali? These dogs are sacred and studies concluded that the Bali dog is the oldest breed of dog known to man. The threatened indigenous Bali dog is the purest breed in the world! The Bali Dog is faithful, calm and respectful and has lived in unison with humans forever. They learn from a young age, from their parents, how to navigate the rice fields, roads and people. Plus the Bali Dog is genetically unique, highly intelligent and of significance to science. 

Bali already has a big problem with stray dogs and there is such a need and ongoing opportunity for expats to adopt and foster dogs. Just look everyday on Community Facebook groups and you will see expats asking people to find homes for cats and dogs they find. When it comes to vet visits, pet food and accessories it is a lot cheaper to look after your pet  than back home. 

There are some wonderful non-profit organizations based in Bali that work to save, protect and improve the lives of these animals. Some awesome organisations that come to mind are the Bali Animal Welfare Association (BAWA), Bali Paws and the Instagram account @act4balidogs.

According to BAWA, each year, up to a thousand animals in the most severe conditions or life-threatening situations are brought into a BAWA facility or directly to a clinic, and at any given time, they have between 250-300 animals in care between their four adoption centres, clinics, and foster homes. They successfully rehome approximately 500 animals each year. They also educate communities about animal welfare and rights, intervene in situations of animal abuse and neglect, and push for changes to laws and their enforcement to better protect the animals in Bali. Depending on where you live in Bali, BAWA is always looking for volunteers so check out their website.

It also goes without saying,  anyone coming into contact with animals in Bali should have anti-rabies vaccinations. Best to get the rabies vaccination before your arrival as it is not always available should you need it in an emergency. Apart from stray dogs, people have been bitten by monkeys as well. For example you can see wild monkeys at many temples, various beaches, mountains in bedugul and the famous Monkey Forest in Ubud.

In any case, dont forget you can also donate to these great causes from a distance and make a sustainable difference to the lives of these animals. Follow their accounts and see the great work they are doing everyday. 

The gorgeous photo is of the popular Canggu local Pak Ketut Widanta known as Lelut, who is a pig farmer and currently looks after 20 dogs.

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