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Expat stories

Explore the diverse experiences of expat families in Bali through insightful interviews covering a wide array of topics. From their motivations for choosing Bali to navigating the education system, practical relocation advice, comparing the cost of living and lifestyle opportunities, new hobbies, dealing with homesickness, building connections within the expat community, and more, these conversations offer valuable perspectives.

With an ever-growing collection featuring over 120 stories, these interviews highlight individuals who have called the island home for varying durations, from a few months to several decades.

If you’re a Bali resident with a story, share it with us via email; we’re eager to hear from you.

Apart from our expat stories, we have also written posts all about relocating and life in Bali.

Feel free to enjoy reading through the categories Babies & Toddlers, Housing, Healthcare and Safety, Opening a business, Retirement, Schools & Education, Transport, Visas and Work in Bali.