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Working Remotely

Working Remotely

One thing that will make our year away a little easier to manage and budget for is the fact that I run my own market research consultancy. I deal predominantly with online research and this also helps us to be able to work remotely. We have clients in several countries globally so working on different time zones has always been something I have managed well.

I have read countless blogs and forum post about people trying to figure out ways to work in Bali. These seem to be few and far between (legally anyway) for those looking for a decent income to support a family. Unless you are being sponsored by a local company it is very difficult. We will not be working in the country, simply managing the Australian business remotely.

One of my aims with this blog is to also provide some tips and tricks for working remotely, as well as being able to showcase (and in some cases show off) the great places you can work from in these situations.

Today is not exactly the best example of one as I am writing this post from in the car whilst waiting to pick the kids up from school. Looking forward to a much more sandy location going forward.


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