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What we’re NOT looking forward to in Bali

This is a continuation with the post about what we are most looking forward to next year. So below is a list of the things we are least looking forward to.

We will review this brain dump 12 months later and see if any of the below was worth worry about!

  • How we will adjust to the heat? (and the heavy rain at times too)
  • Will the kids settle in school? Bali life?
  • Can we pick up some of the language?
  • Will the family business be OK?
  • Not being able to drink the tap water.
  • Will we get sick?
  • How will we go with our visas?
  • Will we get homesick?
  • Will we make friends? (we only know a few random people!)
  • How are we going to cope with the traffic?
  • Are we going to get frustrated with the balinese way of life?
  • How will our family cope back home?
  • What will the commute be like to and from school?
  • Will we financially survive?
  • What work opportunities will be on our return?
  • How will life be when we come back?
  • How are we going to be not having a car and relying on a driver?

At least this list is short compared to the things we are looking forward to!

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