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Starring for a ‘Buddie’

Starring for a ‘Buddie’

Back in November, the kids got to take a day off school to star in a commercial for our friend’s app! She has a travel company called Bali Buddies that is like a one stop shop for your Bali holiday needs and she was making a commercial to promote and launch her app. We were asked if we could play the ‘family enjoying a Bali holiday’ role and we thought we were perfect for it too!

It was an early start to the day driving up to the Bali Zoo for breakfast with the orangutans. We were given ‘VIP’ stickers which is always fun and we got to get up close to them and Demi even held one of the Orangutans hand. Then the kids fed the elephants and we rode the elephants across a river. Demi felt a little ‘ elephant sick’ and my back wasn’t liking it too much either!

After a great time at the Zoo we finished the day at the beach for a Sunset dinner. The last scene was us letting these huge lanterns off into the night sky! Wow!

Click here to view the commercial.

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