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Starting at the Australian school in Bali!

Starting at the Australian school in Bali!

Yesterday was the first day at the Australian Independent SchoolThe kids were so excited to start their new school and wear the cool uniforms.

They said it was so much fun and they gave it an ‘awesome’ rating. 

Our teachers are lovely and the kids get to call them by their first name. Each class also has one assistant Indonesian teacher.

First day included a Bahasa class, library, music, maths, games and the computer lab.

School starts at 8am and finishes at 2:15pm and every morning we have ‘Brain Gym’ at 8am for 10 minutes.

The timetable looks great and it includes learning Bahasa twice a week. 

Already in Week 3 there are two public holidays – Chinese New Year and Galungan Day!

This Friday the school celebrates Australia Day with a BBQ lunch and then its home time – cruisy!

We can’t say happy little vegemites but we can say happy ‘Nasi Goreng’s’!

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