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Our home is for lease

Our home is for lease

A “For Lease” sign is outside our home! Another step towards moving overseas and a very strange sight as we have lived in this home for the last 10 years. Our children have only ever know this home too.

Today was the first day our house was open for inspection. We decided on using a local, boutique style real estate agent who also has children at our school and regularly sponsors our school activities.

In preparation there was lots of cleaning, decluttering, selling and storing…although nervous to get the house rented it has been a good feeling going through all that we own.

As we have no garage we had to sell the kids bikes and scooters. At first they were a bit upset but when we told them we will buy bikes over in Bali and then again when we get back home it was all ok.

Fingers crossed we get the weekly rental price we are hoping for. Next we will be selling the family car which is only 2 years old but there is no reason to keep it unused with no garage for a year.

So it is now 9 weeks till we go to Bali…

Wish us luck!


  • 11/10/2015

    Excited to follow your adventures guys!


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