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Indonesian Independence Day

Article written by Liam Collins (age 9)

Flag Raising Ceremony

On Wednesday August 17th it was Indonesian Independence Day. However, my school AIS celebrated it the day before.

On the soccer field, there was the flag raising ceremony and it was quiet, I mean extremely quiet. All the children (the whole entire school has about 70 children) were dressed in red and white and sang the Indonesian anthem. A few high school students made announcements and three girls put up the flag.

Perfect Performances 

The class performances were very good and all the parents clapped. The Year 3’s were the only class that played instruments. We played the recorder. The MC’s were Ezra (a new classmate from Jarkata) and Lea (yr 4) and Raesha (yr 5). They were so good. Raeshe made everyone laugh. Most people thought the best performance was Year 5 because they had it all under control and looked like they were having fun. They danced with traditional rice field hats.

Indonesian Excitement 

Year 3 played some great games on our Indonesia Day. The class started with Bamboo balancing and some children were good and some were not so good and it wasn’t too hard to fall off. Some children even tried to walk backwards!

Next the class made two teams and the teacher gave everyone a water bottle. We each had to make a line and pour the water into each other’s bottle and passed it down the line until the last person who pours it into the big bucket. The team with the highest bucket of water wins. It was very fun and there was water everywhere!

Other games included cracker (krupuk) eating that hung from a piece of string(your hands had to be behind your back) , sack racing and the egg and spoon race.

Food Extravaganza

After the games, we got to enjoy a local buffet of Indonesian food that all the parents brought into the school. All the children dug into the amazing food. It was delicious! I got to eat my favourites – Nasi Goreng (rice) and Mie Goreng (noodles).

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