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Our Monday mornings (or any weekday morning) tend to be busy getting ready for school but this one was very different and it made us late for the school bell!


Well we need to back track a few months first. As you may know our precious Cinta passed away in August and it was a very hard loss for our family.

The kids had never experienced such loss before and it was their first ever pet. Cinta came into our lives as a very sick undernourished, tick ridden street puppy who wondered around at the top of gang for a few mornings before Trent decided it was enough to watch and after passing her again when he went to buy some eggs at the local shop he decided to bring her home.

That Saturday morning our lives changed in so many ways and we had 70 wonderful days with her. We will never forget Cinta and still talk about her all the time.

After the loss we had friends sending us cute pics of pups we could adopt but we didn’t feel it was right to adopt again and we left the topic alone.

Then on Monday 14th November I was distracted in the morning and opened our front gate a little later than normal. As I opened it up this gorgeous white puppy dog comes charging in like she was waiting for us all this time! I think (as many others have told us) the universe just told her to pick our family! She literally came running into our lives out of nowhere!

And so it was meant to be.

I was in shock and yelled for the kids and Trent to come and see her. Not sure what to do we looked around outside and we noticed a pregnant (or had just had puppies) dog walking around. We gave the puppy some water and then we tried to put this lost puppy back in touch with her mum and did get her to follow her mum across the rice field.

By this time the kids are asking can we keep her and in a practical way (after seeing so many Bali street dogs) they are saying “you know she will have a better future with us”. Now we are really going to be late for school so I jump in the car with the kids and leave Trent to follow the puppy and her mum.

The car chatter of course is all about if we can keep her and what will dad do. I get a phone call from Trent just before we get to school and he tells me that he followed the mum and pup all the way down the street into another rice field where he saw the mum abandoning the pup and the pup being left there just crying. He couldn’t just walk away!

So what does that mean?

He decided that we can adopt another street puppy! Liam and Demi said “Well, what did dad say?!” and I told them we can keep her and they went crazy! I have never heard them so happy!

So what do we name her?

A few minutes later, we arrive in the school car park and sit in the car talking about names. Liam said since he named Cinta last time Demi could choose a name. He said just choose an “Australian” name not a Bahasa Indonesian name.

Demi said there is a cute white fluffy girl dog in the movie ‘The Secret Life of Pets’ called Gidget. Liam and I really liked the name and then Trent liked it too!

So Gidget was her name 🙂

The kids went to school a little late but super excited wishing the day could hurry up so they could meet Gidget again. The same morning, Trent and I were off to the vet to get Gidget checked out. The vet said she is a Bali dog. She weighed 2 kilos and apart from a couple of ticks she was in good health. She started her worm tablets and will be vaccinated in a few months. We will go back to the vet again in 2 weeks time for another check up. Then it was buying puppy food, a bed and toys too.

So what will we do with Gidget when we leave Bali one day? (we plan for this to be January 2018)

We already know someone who permanently lives here is happy to adopt her. They are an awesome family who have many dogs already. The kids do know that we can not bring her home with us and they were aware of this from the start but I know it will be SUPER hard!

So now we have a VERY lively, happy puppy in our world! We are all getting used to her biting everything, licking and she is doing quite well with toilet training too.

She is super cute and very loveable! Please welcome Gidget!

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