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Getting some Perspective

Getting some Perspective

So what is important to you?


It’s something I have been asked many times over my life, and especially in relation to career and family. My response has changed over the years as my priorities have changed.

About six years ago before our daughter was born I was made redundant from my job during the GFC. One would say priorities definitely changed then, but as luck would have it for the better. I started my own business and have been doing so ever since.

One thing above all else that you get from a situation like that is perspective. You stop and actually ask yourself- what is important.

Now that the kids are a little older and we have started to think about living overseas for a year, my perspective began to shift away from finances and more towards kids, family, health and happiness.

Do I want to be one of those people who leave home when the kids are still in their pyjamas, and gets home when they are already asleep? Or can I be the dad that makes breakfast with them, helps with homework and tucks them in for a good night sleep. See just a simple matter of perspective and priorities.

Spending a year away in an amazing country, getting closer as a family, improving health and removing stress- couldn’t think of a better way to get some perspective.

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