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Getting back to the fun things

Getting back to the fun things

Among the many reasons that we are looking to take a spend a year away is to get back to some of the fun things that we did when things weren’t as hectic. For me, one of these things is SCUBA Diving.

I first learn to dive at around 15 years old, and progressed all the way to a Dive Master clocking up several hundred dives. After getting married and having kids diving become much harder to get around do and I eventually sold off all my gear and haven’t done it for some time.

Bali has some of the most amazing diving sites around, and it is one of the many things on the top of my list to get back into when we are there for the year.

There are a few other little things that I also want to do, but realising that I can have more time free with the kids and help them to learn and enjoy new things will be just as rewarding.

One thing that we want to instil in our kids is the amazing opportunities that we will have when over there and to appreciate their time there. We also hope that they will appreciate what an amazing place Sydney is and explore more of it when we are back.

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