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Food Glorious Food

Food Glorious Food

Have to admit I like my food- actually I love it!

When we were researching a recent holiday to Bali we had not expected the food scene to be as amazing and well developed as it was. There are cuisines from all over the world in one place, and even some of the top restaurants cost a fraction of the price they would here in Sydney.

From the funky Asian fusion places like Ginger Moon to the amazing smoked and barbecued meats of Barbacoa  – we sure went on a beautiful food journey.

One of my favourite places to relax and grab a flat white (an Aussie coffee favourite) was Sisterfields Cafe.

There are also wonderful local places serving some of the best Asian cuisine you can fine. The food is fresh, simple, delicious and cheap.

A big goal of ours is to help our kids savour as many different flavours as possible to expand their pallet and develop an appreciation for how food is grown and prepared. The Vegemite and Cheese sandwich will always rule for our son, but I am sure that a Nasi Goreng or Martabak can make its way to his favourites list too.


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