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Australian and Indonesian family building successful businesses in bali

Profile:  Rick and Nitha, children Devan and Kanayya
Originally from: Rick – Melbourne  Nitha – Balinese, from Denpasar
Arrived in Bali: Rick moved full time in 2013, after a few years of going back and forward from Australia.


What made you decide to MOVE TO Bali?

I had no choice, I was born here!  Rick’s first visit to Bali was in 1997, and he became a regular visitor thereafter. He always had a dream to live outside of Australia, and Bali was on the top of his list. He sold his sports marketing company, quit his media roles and moved to Bali as a trial. He spotted me driving my motorbike down Oberoi Street in Seminyak and stopped to talk to me outside Rumours. I wasn’t impressed at first as he had just returned from a surf trip and my first thought he was just a scruffy bogan. Two kids later tells the rest of the love story….

Where is home in Bali and why did you decide to live there?

We currently live in Seminyak, and planning to start building our villa on our Umalas land very soon. 


Your husband and you have created some amazing businesses for the expat community. Please Share.

Rick came to Bali with a very open mind on what he wanted to pursue (other than surfing!). Rick had seen the success of his brother’s F45 Gym franchise on the Gold Coast, and after meeting his business partner Bryce Critch at the Bali Geckos Football Club, they decided to open an F45 studio in Seminyak, Canggu and Jakarta, with Uluwatu to open post-Covid.


We also saw a special niche in the massage services industry and opened several massage spas, the first while I took maternity leave from Finns Recreation Club where I worked in marketing and customer relations. My passion is beauty, and my dream was to open a beauty emporium that would be unique, playful, flirty, sassy and classy. That’s how Mynx, (a hair and beauty emporium) was created, and so far I’m loving the reaction of wow from our customers. This business is also a community to improve our knowledge in business and beauty for women in Bali.


What is it like to create a business like your newly opened Mynx Hair & Beauty in Bali?  

The creation part is the fun part, but the implementation of that creation within the budget is very challenging. By the time of opening, you’re exhausted and nervous! Visit: Mynx



You have two beautiful children! where do they go to school? And why did you choose that school?

My children go to ProEducation in the Umalas. The Principal Llana is also from the same part of Melbourne as Rick and was one of his F45 members, so he put his trust in her. Its been an awesome school for our kids, they love it.

What is it like raising children in Bali? Do you find it safe in regards to medical care for your family?

So many opportunities for our kids, they can try so many different activities, sports and hobbies. Kanayya broke her arm a year ago and our hospital and surgery experience was very good. Rick still plays football and he doesn’t seem to concerned about getting injured here.

What do the kids like to do?

Personally, F45 is a part of my daily routine. I also like to play the guitar and sing (I was a lead singer in a Rock Band pre kids!). As a family we all play Australian football with the Bali Geckos, the kids are now starting to surf with Rick. Kanayya is a born performer, loves to sing, dance and gymnastics. Devan is crazy about skateboarding.



What advice do you have for other families making the move to Bali?

From my point of view being Balinese, you need to be respectful to our history, culture and traditions. Rick shakes his head every time I tell him we have a ceremony, but he still makes the effort. He feels its important that our kids embrace their heritage.

Don’t come with an empty bank account, Bali is not a cheap place to live anymore, so we have seen a few foreigners come to bali, live like rockstars for a bit then run out of money, or they rush into a business or property decision, or crash their motorbike with no insurance. The biggest threat to the Bali dream is crashing your motorbike, we have seen too many lives changed by poor decisions getting on a bike.


Is there anything else you would like to share that I haven’t asked?

Join a community or club… like the Bali Geckos or F45. It’s a great way to meet other expats and locals, and build your network.



Thank you Nitha for your giving me your insight into Bali life. If you want to know more about her latest creative project visit MYNX Hair & Beauty Emporium and I just think it is brilliant idea that you offer a monthly pampering membership package! Can you imagine having unlimited treatments available to you every month! If you are also looking to join a great club and community check F45 in Canggu or Seminyak.


If you live in Bali and would like to join our interview collection please feel free to reach out to me anytime.

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