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American Express Lounge Sydney- The Day’s Office

American Express Lounge Sydney- The Day’s Office

Well this is going to be the first of many posts about where, when and how I do my work running a business from various locations in Sydney, Bali and beyond.

Today it is the American Express Lounge at Sydney International Airport T1 terminal.

I have never travelled enough (or in business class) to regularly gain entry into airline lounges when travelling either domestic or internationally. The great thing about the Amex Lounges is that if you are a card holder of certain types of Amex Card (bank issued or Amex brand- check list here) you can use the lounge either a few times a year or unlimited. You don’t need to be flying business class and unlike the airline lounges you don’t have to be flying any specific airline to enter.

The lounge itself it smaller than most other airline lounges, but has everything you need. Couches, arm chairs, bar tables and more, all with power outlets on the tables, wall and floor so there it enough for everyone. As a very rough count there is probably seating for 40-50 people, and considering people are coming and going it never felt crowded. There is a small buffet at the end of the lounge that had basic hot and cold breakfast- fine for a quick snack but nothing like the full spread of some of the bigger lounges. There is a well stocked bare, barista making great coffee and soft-drinks and water you can grab.

Hands down the most important thing in a place like this is connectivity. as expected there is free WiFi and it has to be the fastest I have seen in a location like this. I did a few tests and never got under 38Mbps up and down- that’s bytes not bits. Most offices would struggle with a connection speed like this.

Today is the start of my scouting trip for our year in bali. I am off to view a few schools that we are interested in for the kids as well as to meet some friends and view properties to rent for next year.

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