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A Letter to Ourselves for Arriving in Bali

A few months ago I started writing a letter to ourselves for when we arrived in Bali. This is what I came up with and we all read as a family when we arrived just under 3 weeks ago.

Hi Collins Family

This is the Collins family writing you a letter for when you arrive in Bali for your year long adventure. We thought that writing you a letter and reminding you of a few things would help you settle in and adjust to a new place and surroundings.
  • The first few weeks will be like a holiday- relax and enjoy yourselves. You have done a lot of work in the planning to get here and you deserve to relax
  • Don’t let the weather get you down- it is a totally different climate and you will adjust to it.
    • Blast the Air Conditioning the first few weeks if you need to
    • Spend the day in the pool to cool down
    • Stand in front of the fan naked!!!
  • Mosquitos
    • They are a fact of life in Bali
    • You will get over the hassle of putting on bug spray
    • Remember that if you get a bite it will go away in a few days- nothing to worry about
  • You all love each-other
    • No matter what happens you all love each-other and nothing will change that
    • Sure there will be arguments, but remember that we are all in this together- for the good and the bad
  • School is going to be amazing
    • Sure the thought of starting a new school can be a little frightening- but is is also exciting
    • Think of all the new friends you met in the first few days of starting Roe Bay Public. It will be the same in Bali only better
    • You will meet people from all over the world and make friendships for life. Who knows one day when you are older you might visit some of these friends in their country
  • Food
    • Bali is going to be a place where we can try so many new types of food, but also find amazing places with the food we already like- burgers, spaghetti bolognese, sushi, pulled pork rolls
    • It won’t be just Indonesian/ Balinese food that will be new for us. There will be many types of food we can try and even cook at home if we like.
    • We want the food to be another one of the amazing adventures that you get to have
  • Our Friends back home
    • You can speak to any of your friends back home whenever you want. Don’t feel like you can’t ask to speak to a friend if you miss them or just want to say hi and see how things are going.
    • We can FaceTime, Skype, Email, Call, write letters, send birthday cards and photos to anyone you want, and they will do the same back to us
    • Remember that for your friends it will be an adventure just hearing about what we are up to and looking at are cool photos and videos. Just think that when you get back they will know some of the things you did and will enjoy talking about them
  • Family time
    • Let’s make more time for family time this year.
    • Mummy and daddy are going to make an extra effort to have more time free to just be with you guys and do even more fun things together.
    • Sure daddy will need to still work when we are over there, but he will try his best to have as much time free to spend with you guys. He told me that he might do things like wake up really early and get some work done before everyone wakes up so that he has more time free with you.
  • The best part of this year is for us to say YES to lots of things.
    • Yes to being more happy
    • Yes to spending more time together
    • Yes to making awesome new friends
    • Yes to trying new foods
    • Yes to going on new adventures that we would never do at home
Most of all this year is about us as a family and how much we all love each other. None of us can do this alone, but as a family team it is going to be the most amazing year of our lives.

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