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It has been 6 months since we arrived so I thought I would chat to the kids to get their take on living in Bali so far. Nice to see what Liam sees from his 9 year olds eyes….

How have you found living in Bali?

It is peaceful and relaxing here. We live in the Umalas and it is nice and quiet.

It is a lot hotter here and I like playing in our backyard footie and soccer and swimming all the time. I just don’t like seeing more people smoke here and rubbish on the street and the rubbish that gets washed up on the sand.

How have you found the people in Bali? 

They are very friendly and they speak Balinese and Bahasa Indonesia.

What is the weather like in Bali?

It very rarely rains and its quite hot so we swim mostly everyday.

What do you think of the Australian International School you attend?

Its really good, I have a smaller class and there is also a high school here. There are students from all over the world. Some from Indonesia, Japan, Spain, Belgium, America, Singapore and mostly from Australia (Perth, Brisbane, Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney). I really like my teacher too.

Describe your teacher.

His name is Mr David, he is funny and jokes a lot. He is from Leeds in England and he has never been to Australia. He helps if you have problems. I also have a class assistant teacher called Ms Wayan from Indonesia who helps everyone and she is kind and nice.

What is your favourite subject at the moment?

I like PE and Maths and I also like English and I also like Science. Art is also one of my favourite subjects we do clay, aboriginal art, 3D art, pastels, water colours, paint and origami.

At lunch and recess….I play soccer, basketball and catching and throwing balls.

How was your first school camp?

I went to Pumuturan which is in West Bali for 3 days, 2 nights. On the way we there we stopped at a place called Bedugul and did the Treetops course in the mountains and it was freezing. Then we visited a temple and had to wear a sarong, and then we to our bungalow hotel called Tirta Sari. We went snorkeling, visited a turtle hatchery, had ice cream, did beach activities, swimming, AIS idol, minute to win it quiz, free time and played games.

After schooI I…

Learn Bahasa the local language, have swimming lessons, play soccer and sometimes after have school classes at school like ‘Eco Bricks’ which means making the environment a better place and we collect and use plastic bottles and plastic bags. We use a bamboo stick to stuff plastic into plastic bottles and we learn to make things like seats and you can even make a house.

On the weekends in Bali…

I like to watch the footie, play soccer, swim in the pool, go out to cafes, relax, see new places, play games (like a patience card game my Zaida taught me when he visited us in March), try new things (like surfing and wake boarding) getting cool haircuts, read, play dates, and play with my new puppy dog.

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