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A chat with Demi living in the umalas

It has been 6 months since we arrived so I thought I would chat to the kids to get their take on living in Bali so far. Nice to see what Demi sees from her 7 year old eyes.

What are the Balinese people like?

They are kind and friendly. They are also very strong and can balance things on their head. I see them prayer everyday.

What do you see everyday that you wouldn’t see in Sydney?

Ricefields, street dogs, side stalls selling Indonesian lollies, bakso carts, frangipani trees and cows.

Also every house has a temple where they make offerings to their god, it is amazing.

There are also more ‘Jungly’ places here. In our house we find gekos, bees, lizards, frogs, dragon flies, grasshoppers, ants, bull ants, birds and flies. I nearly forgot to say the most important one – mosquitoes!

We find thousands and thousands of kites! They are so high and we have a kite and it is so cool! Dad and I like to fly ours up high in the sky.

What do you see on the way to school out the car window?

Ceremonies, people get dressed up for special days like for a full moon. They are so beautiful or handsome. Lots of motorbikes of course!

What is the weather like?

I swim every single day and I have lots of pool toys. My dad likes to splash everyone when he does a bomb in the pool. The weather here is usually very hot and there is some rain which can be noisy. But mostly very warm and hot and its good weather to fly a kite and you need bug spray!

What do you on the weekends in Bali?

I go to the markets, I buy flowers and like to arrange them in beautiful patterns and shapes in a bowl. I sometimes get a massage with my mum and I get my nails painted and there are thousands of colours to choose from. I like to play with my new puppy dog and take her for walks. I am happy to go for drives to new places. I love to swim and draw and play with friends.

School in Seminyak…

My teacher is very, very nice, we get to call her by her first name which is Sharleen so we say Ms Sharleen. She is so polite, she doesn’t yell and we learn amazing things. I love Maths so much. I have been on two excursions, one garden and a turtle sanctuary where we got to release Turtles into the sea – it was so good!

After school…

On Tuesday I do after school lessons and I have done cooking this term and its really fun we got to make Nasi Goreng and cupcakes. I do swimming and its very hard, lots of freestyle laps! I really like Thursdays, I do art with teacher JoJo from Singapore who is amazing and I get to paint so many things. We use all different types of paints, crayons, pencils, textas and oil pastels.

My birthday party this year…

Was so amazing, I had a Bollywood, henna tattoo, swimming party! I was dressed up in an Indian costume. It was a very hot day.

Bali food…

There is Indonesian food like sate sticks, nasi goreng, mie goreng which is noodles and vegetables. Dragon fruit is beautiful and my mum is going crazy over coconuts. I have been to lots of restaurants and I love this awesome Japanese place near our house.


I have seen Angry Birds, Jungle Book (like my house is Jungly like I said before), and Finding Dory.


I have been reading the treehouse books, I have read the 13, 26, 39, 52 and now I am reading the 65. My brother has read them all.

Other stuff:

There is an awesome place called Waterbom that I have been to a few times. It has awesome waterslides and a kids playground. I went on the scariest waterslide with my mum 3 times.

I like to play a card game that my mum’s dad taught us when he came he to visit called Patience.

I can count to 10 in Bahasa (actually to 20) and I learn it at school too. It sounds weird to you guys but it is very fun.

I just came back from Singapore where I got my ears pierced! I was so happy! I have been asking mum to get it done for years.

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