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18 Weeks to go- Our Year in Bali Countdown

18 Weeks to go- Our Year in Bali Countdown

Wow- how time flies.

It seems like only a few weeks ago we were still deciding if we were going to actually make the move overseas for a year in Bali. Now we just hit the 18 week mark and things are flying along.

We booked our flights last week as well as a 1 month rental via AirBnB. We have also been busy with the more technical things like travel insurance, voter roll removal whilst we are away, as well as letting my clients know what will be happening next year.

It is proving to be a great experience, and the reactions that we get from friends and colleges when we tell them what we have planned it just amazing. Soooo many people wanting to come and visit us when we are there I think we will need to rent a bigger place.

I am also going to start putting together some posts for remote working travellers on good apps for traveling as well as options for remote workers- stay tuned.

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