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So how did we get to this point? For those just joining the story here is a little background on us and how we got to where we are…

2013 and 2014 – My wife starts talking about living overseas, I am not sure about this idea at all!

Then I start to think we could possibly do this for maybe one term? 6 months? But definitely not a one year.

Which places in world would could we live? My wife and I got to visit Hawaii twice recently and without the kids – we fell in love with the place and really thought it would be a great place to take the kids for an overseas adventure.

Then there were arguments, there was tears and so much more – “why do you want to change our life, I like it?” I said.

Once I started to do more research on Hawaii we decided after a while that it wasn’t the best option for quite a few reasons.

We looked at Singapore (had a great family holiday there end 2014) and once we researched and spoke to people living there it seemed quite expensive and only good if you were posted there by work.

I thought of other places like the Philippines and then came across Bali. South East Asia and Bali in particular would offer so much to our family and we could still have the kids in an Australian school.

At first my wife really wasn’t sure about the Bali idea but then it warmed to her quite quickly and so I decided lets go on a holiday to Bali over the Xmas/NYE school holidays to see what we all thought. It had been 10 yrs since my wife and I had been and never with the kids. It ended up being a 3 week holiday checking out Seminyak, Club Med and Nusa Dua and the kids loved it. In fact, our daughter said a few times “I want to live here!”. She must have read our minds but we never mentioned to them or our thoughts of what might be and still to this day they have no idea!

During the holidays we occasionally asked ourselves “could we live here?” but really focused on it as a family holiday destination. We decided if we were to make it a move for 2016 then we would go back anyway during the year and do proper on the ground research without the kids.

Not long after we got back, around the end of January we decided we would go for it if the school got back to us saying they have places for the kids in 2016.

I chatted to the school principal and starting emails with P & C coordinator at the school.

Then in February we updated our passports and sent off school applications!!!

After a few weeks of waiting we got approval that there were are spots for the kids – now this is real!

I am researching  all the time, looking at real estate options close to the school, and speaking to a few people who live there.

Decided to tell my wife’s dad who is very supportive of everything we do and told him to keep a secret as know one else knows! He cant wait to visit us lots next year and thinks it will be a great move for all of us.

More moving research about everything (also enjoying the cool cafes we cant wait to eat at too!)

Deciding on when to fly over there – July? Too soon? August ok? Looking a flights and accommodation. 

April – Finally told my sister who lives in Melbourne – she is shocked but also very happy for us! She said we should tell our parents as they will miss the grandkids soooo much! Decided it is too soon and we agreed they probably wont take the news so well!

May – Booked flights and accommodation to Bali in August! 9 days! Very nervous! Starting to tell the few contacts we have and the real estate agents. Lots of planning now for when I get there and what I need to achieve on this trip. Need to book a school tour, meet P&C, contacts, get to know the neighbourhood, dentists/drs, shops, accessibility, neighbours, villas, activities etc

What is next? Well we are still about 7 months out so we have time to get things in order. For example, we need to look at forward freight companies, sell our car, rent out our house, do some house repairs, organises finances, look at work options for my wife and so much more!

Eventually over the next few months we will tell the kids, my parents, work, friends and school.

Wish me luck!!!!

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