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Bali Relocation Services


Looking to move to Bali but have a lot of questions? First of all, I am excited for you, but, I also know the planning, research and decision-making that is involved. So that is why we have created our relocation consulting packages to give you the right information to make informed decisions. I turn your questions and concerns into solutions. Not only will you have everything you need to know at your fingertips, but it will fast track your expat experience so you can settle into Bali life a whole lot quicker. Having all the inside knowledge, it will feel like you have been living in Bali for years!

We have learnt a great deal about expat life; such as choosing the right school and neighbourhood, finding a good doctor, renting a great villa, setting up utilities, choosing insurance, getting the right visas, transport and opening a bank account. We are here to make sure you live your best Bali life and be your ultimate Bali coach! Some of our clients even like to call us their Bali Fairy Godmothers!

When we moved to Bali, we spent the year prior researching, joining groups and forums and not until we lived there did we realise how difficult it was to gain a solid understanding on how things actually worked. We discovered that there was a lot of unspoken information such as daily practicalities and work culture that we would never find easily online.

Our relocation consulting packages are designed to give you everything you need to easily move and live in Bali no matter how long you wish to stay. We understand exactly what you need becuase we have gone through it! Click here to book a FREE 30 min Move-to-Bali initial video call to get to know each other, discuss your moving plans, timeframe, goals and any concerns. We cover a lot in 30 minutes, and you will leave the call feeling confident, prepared and ready to move forward. Read what other clients have said about the whole experience!

What can we offer?

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Book a FREE 30 minute video Zoom call to get to know each other better, talk about your moving plans, timeframe, goals and any concerns. We cover a lot in 30 minutes and you will finish the call feeling confident, prepared and ready to move forward.


Following the call, book the Bronze package ($350) to receive an extensive 75-page living guide with all your expat practicalities, resources and tips, cost of living spreadsheet, schools guide, essential checklists like what to be aware of when renting a villa, communication with staff, packing lists (medical, technology & clothing) moving countdown planning, the most relevant Bahasa words, cultural practices and more.


Book the Silver package ($650) to receive all the materials in the Bronze package plus personal trusted contacts, providers and introductions for visa agents, rental agents, business consultants, babysitters, Bahasa tutors, school principals, doctors, dentists, pet relocation specialist, drivers, shipping contents company and so much more.


Purchase the Gold Package ($850) and receive what is included in the Bronze and Silver PLUS one month unlimited WhatsApp support to answer further questions and provide support and advice. Great for extra information and additional personalised support prior to arriving or when settling in Bali.

“Simone is our Bali relocation fairy godmother. Her knowledge about all things related to moving to Bali is encyclopaedic and her social networks are phenomenal. Whatever she didn’t know personally, she introduced us to someone who did. She helped us with big things like choosing a school, talking to school principals, finding a home, and smaller things like phone networks. I keep wondering how I can find a Simone for the other parts of my life!”

Some of the many topics we can discuss:

  • Finding your ideal home (monthly, long term, long leases, sales & purchase)
  • Understanding furnished and unfurnished villas
  • Choosing the right school (introductions to Principals and Enrolment)
  • Best location to live and information about the neighbourhood
  • Safety and crime
  • Expat communities
  • Choosing the right visa (with trusted visa agents)
  • Bringing a baby and young children (doctors, vaccinations)
  • Cost of living, budget, opening a local bank account etc
  • Hiring staff and the Balinese salary
  • Health insurance and medical information
  • Best transport methods (renting a car, GoJek/Grab, hiring a driver)
  • Cultural information to assist with fitting into local life
  • Everyday practicalities
  • Pre-departure planning
  • Settling in and making friends
  • Introductions to other families and providers
  • Setting up a business and investments

“Simone was so lovely to talk to you and provided me with so much valuable information. It was great to talk through a realistic budget and there was so much I hadn’t thought of. She has given me some great areas and ideas to further explore in my research. Anyone making a move or just thinking of moving to Bali should use her service. Thank you for all your advice Simone!”

Thinking of moving to Bali?

Click here to book a free 30 minute call to discuss your plans.

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